Tribute To Fallen Storm King Firefighters in Colorado Released

Written by Scott Jeffries

Rifle, CO; September 29, 2003--On July 6, 1994, 14 firefighters, including Smoke Jumpers from Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Colorado and other western states died when fierce winds fanned towering flames up Storm King Mountain (just west of Glenwood Springs, CO). They had been spendingrepparttar better part ofrepparttar 110071 day clearing brush and digging trenches to slowrepparttar 110072 spreading fires, when high winds forced them to run for cover. With nowhere to run, outpacingrepparttar 110073 fast moving flames was impossible onrepparttar 110074 steep slopes. Forced to take cover inside their protective shelters asrepparttar 110075 flames whipped over them, 14 never made it throughrepparttar 110076 firestorm.

In September 1998, Colorado musician and JavaMusiK recording artist Jeff Van Devender sat atrepparttar 110077 piano inrepparttar 110078 music room ofrepparttar 110079 school he just started teaching at. The window of his new room happened to have a perfect view of Storm King Mountain. Van Devender had witnessedrepparttar 110080 terrible tragedy in '94, not knowing until he got home that evening how awful it really was.

"The smoke created a mushroom type cloud which glowed as it hung overrepparttar 110081 mountain," he remembered. "As we headed home (Gypsum atrepparttar 110082 time),repparttar 110083 walls of Glenwood Canyon revealed a reddish-orange color which was eerily quite beautiful." Upon turning onrepparttar 110084 TV however,repparttar 110085 scope ofrepparttar 110086 tragedy began to unfold as continuous news updates blanketedrepparttar 110087 airwaves reportingrepparttar 110088 passing of so many heroes.

As Van Devender sat in his new workplace, inrepparttar 110089 shadow of Storm King,repparttar 110090 melody began to flow. He rememberedrepparttar 110091 images he had witnessed, flames cresting over mountain ridges, glowing smoke hovering inrepparttar 110092 mid-day sunlight, emergency personnel working to restore order and, most of all,repparttar 110093 brave souls who came from other parts ofrepparttar 110094 country and sacrificed their lives while trying to save material possessions andrepparttar 110095 beautiful environment surrounding a resort community. "The powerful story just took over & before I knew it, everything was in place," he remembers.

3 Proven Ways to Make Your Party Make You the Talk of the Town Everyday

Written by Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

You may or may not already have experience giving parties, if you do, this article will help you to have a more successful party - no matter how big or small it is! 

1. Money a Lot or a Little? 2. Lists, Lists and More Lists 3. Lasting Memory

Let's look at how you do each of those three ideas.

1. Money a Lot or a Little? Now, everyone knows that it is nice to have a lot of money, but is it really necessary to have a fun party? No, there are many easy ways to makerepparttar party a success without spending money. Just having background music adds torepparttar 110070 festivities. I always make a homemade cake from a box mix and I always get compliments. With everyone so busy, my guests' appreciaterepparttar 110071 homemade touch. Just because you spent mega bucks onrepparttar 110072 character does not meanrepparttar 110073 kids had more fun. We had a pool party andrepparttar 110074 kids did not want to get out and participate withrepparttar 110075 character. Think in terms of your audience. What do they think is fun?

2. Lists, Lists and More Lists Let's face it, organization isrepparttar 110076 key to success in many ways in your day to day living. This trait will save you time and money in most anything you do. Write that party list, review it, and use it. Include a: Guest list, Menu, Supplies and Decorations Needed, RSVP/Thank You Note list, create a Shopping List fromrepparttar 110077 menu and supplies needed lists, and Order of Activities with time line.

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