Triathalon Racing, It Starts At The Beginning

Written by Mike Herman

Long before you can enter into triathalon racing, you will need to prepare.

You will need to prepare your mind and your body forrepparttar competition andrepparttar 148220 fight.

It will not be easy, but if you stick to it, you can overcome allrepparttar 148221 obstacles in your way.

Triathalon racing is a complex sport that just looks easy. What you don't know is that there was a lot of preparation forrepparttar 148222 average triathalete

The run. The swim. And,repparttar 148223 biking.

These three aspects of triathalon racing will need to be carefully understood and developed.

You will need to first prepare your mind forrepparttar 148224 struggle that lies ahead.

You will then need to prepare your body and make it as nutritiously sound as can be.

Then, you will need to condition it torepparttar 148225 elements that you will test it on. How do you do all of these things?

Training and coaching. Be prepared to spend a lot of energy and time if your goal is to be competitive, but even if your desire is just to take part in triathalons and stay healthy this still is true.

It starts atrepparttar 148226 beginning. You will need to shed those extra pounds and become a lean, muscled body.

Rugby Coach - 5 Steps to More Effective Rucking

Written by Dan Cottrell, Editor of Rugby Coach Newsletter

5 Steps to More Effective Rucking Spruce up your rucking technique to get quicker ball

1. Ruck beyond When a player hits a ruck, they should aim to end up beyondrepparttar ball. Even better is for them to be on their feet, moving forward two or three metres beyondrepparttar 148061 ball. This preventsrepparttar 148062 danger of too any bodies overrepparttar 148063 ball. Too often players come to rest onrepparttar 148064 ruck or just lean over. This just adds torepparttar 148065 traffic, legs and feet gettingrepparttar 148066 way ofrepparttar 148067 scrum half trying to clearrepparttar 148068 ball.

2. Inside foot When players arrive they should put their inside foot overrepparttar 148069 ball. This leads to three great advantages: Driving through and out, so clearing players more effectively Stronger body position throughrepparttar 148070 centre ofrepparttar 148071 ruck Less chance of feet hittingrepparttar 148072 ball

3. Spine in line The old coaching adage in rucking, but easily forgotten getrepparttar 148073 spine in line withrepparttar 148074 direction ofrepparttar 148075 play to gain maximum power throughrepparttar 148076 contact area. Bums to posts (meaning bums in line with posts) is another phrase being shouted at players atrepparttar 148077 moment. It also makes good sense fromrepparttar 148078 point of view ofrepparttar 148079 referee, who will penalise players who come in fromrepparttar 148080 side.

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