Trends In Online Discount Apparel Shopping

Written by Robin Downey

Trends In Online Discount Apparel Shopping

Trends In Online Discount Apparel Shopping

by Robin Downey



What are your customers looking for when they shop online? A bargain of course. The best possible articles of clothing atrepparttar best possible prices. Customers will continue to shop around and only come back to you if your price is repparttar 145854 lowest. Do you offer your customers some kind of bonus if they shop with you such as FREE SHIPPING, A PERCENTAGE OFF SALE or COUPONS towards their purchase? Does your website offer a newsletter with Internet specials only? What is your "Return Policy"?

Byrepparttar 145855 year 2010 online apparel spending is expected to reach $28.4 billion. So if you are inrepparttar 145856 online apparel business, you want to treat your customers right.

What is everyone buying? Well, I notice a real trend in replica designer apparel and accessories. It doesn't have to cost a million bucks, just look likerepparttar 145857 real thing. Customers are also looking for designer apparel. I have also noticed whereas you would think most people would be searching for ARMANI or super popular main stream brands, to my surpise most customers are looking for less known yet highly fashionable designer names such as CHETTA, FUBU , GLAM SOULS just to name a few. So, if you operate a discount apparel website and you want to keep your customers happy, don't only offer mainstream designers because your customer will end up shopping somewhere else. A happy customer is a repeat and good customer.

Franchise Gator Announces Promotion of Steve Syers to President

Written by Ginger Watford

Roswell, Georgia (April 7, 2005) – Franchise Gator LLC, a leading force in franchise marketing, is pleased to announcerepparttar promotion of Steve Syers to President from Vice President of Sales effective immediately.

Syers joinedrepparttar 145755 company in 2003 and has played a pivotal role in driving Franchise Gator’s spectacular growth. “Steve’s leadership and dedication has led us to a level of success that has been unparalleled withinrepparttar 145756 franchise marketing community,” says Kurt Robertson, CEO. Furthermore, Robertson adds, “I am confident that his strong vision of Franchise Gator’s future will be fundamentally important torepparttar 145757 company as it entersrepparttar 145758 next phase of growth and development.

Syers motivation and focus has seenrepparttar 145759 Franchise Gator team double andrepparttar 145760 advertising base – or ‘sponsors’ asrepparttar 145761 Gator team prefer to call them – expand from 70 to more than 500 in less than three years. Syers promotion is part of Franchise Gator’s planned growth strategy that also sees President Kurt Robertson strengthen Franchise Gator’s strategic focus, by moving to full-time CEO.

Founded in 2001, Franchise Gator LLC established to provide franchisors with a quality, yet cost-effective internet-based franchise lead generation service. Now in its fifth year of operation, provides industry leadership both in terms ofrepparttar 145762 quantity and breadth of franchise opportunities marketed, andrepparttar 145763 quality and quantity of prospective franchisee leads for franchisors.

Franchise Gator is prepared and poised for further expansion. With a dedicated support team and solid infrastructure CEO Robertson adds, “I believe that Steve’s leadership and drive will help take Franchise Gator torepparttar 145764 next level of growth, benefiting Gator’s sponsors, site users and industry alike.”

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