Treating Head Lice

Written by Margaret Tye

Treating Head Lice by Margaret Tye

Your children getting head lice is probably one ofrepparttar worst fears of a parent and yet it is one ofrepparttar 146227 most common health problems. If your children grow up without ever catching them you are lucky indeed.

Head lice cannot jump, they crawl from head to head which is why they are so common amongst children who tend to sit close together. If your child does get infected it is wise to wash all bedding and treat furniture where their heads may have rested, but healthy head lice tend to stay on heads rather than move. However sharing combs or brushes whererepparttar 146228 lice may have been removed during combing will spread them.

The life cycle of lice is about a month. The lice eggs or nits are attached torepparttar 146229 hair close torepparttar 146230 scalp and are very hard to remove. They hatch in 7 to 10 days and reach adulthood in another 6 to 10 days. They then live for another 20 days laying about 10 eggs a day.

Head lice are difficult to treat and to preventrepparttar 146231 infection recurring, vigilance is needed to ensure that no eggs remain to hatch. Not everyone actually gets an itchy head so if someone inrepparttar 146232 family is infected all heads should be checked. Some people findrepparttar 146233 idea quite horrendous, when my granddaughter became infected my daughter would shake when she was trying to remove them. As a primary school teacher I had seen so many infected children I was unmoved.

Unfortunately head lice are becoming immune to chemical treatment and many parents prefer

The Best Acne Cures – What Will Clear My Skin For Good?

Written by Peter Crump

Acne is a uncomfortable and embarrassing skin condition that affects over eighty percent of people from their teens to their thirties, and yet, despite its prevalence, it remains a problem without a cure. This might be extremely disheartening news forrepparttar many people who suffer from it, but while medical science cannot yet fixrepparttar 146205 problem as they can a broken leg, medical advances in recent times have led torepparttar 146206 formulation of many efficacious products that produce allrepparttar 146207 effects of what will hopefully one day berepparttar 146208 best acne cures. Andrepparttar 146209 best acne cures vary from person to person.

Acne is caused byrepparttar 146210 overproduction ofrepparttar 146211 skin of oil called sebum, andrepparttar 146212 best acne cures would offer some foolproof way to regulate this. Unfortunately,repparttar 146213 problem is not yet well enough understood to cure acne once and for all, but there are a range of topical and oral tools that can make management ofrepparttar 146214 condition as effective as a cure. Sometimes age can be acne’s natural cure, but for those who prefer to take a more proactive stance there are many products that can affect results similar to a cure.

One ofrepparttar 146215 most effective oral treatments yet developed for acne is a medication that can be taken at home, simulating for manyrepparttar 146216 effect ofrepparttar 146217 best cures. Accutane must be prescribed first by a doctor, and though it must sometimes be taken for six months before a real improvement can be seen inrepparttar 146218 skin,repparttar 146219 long-term results have been as positive as any cure. Accutane is a strong drug that can have harsh side effects, but it has clearedrepparttar 146220 skin completely of many acne sufferers. Your doctor will usually prescribe milder medications before trying Accutane, but for many sufferers for whom nothing else has worked, it can bring allrepparttar 146221 results of an acne cure.

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