Travelling in Chennai

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Travelling in Chennai

Chennai being one ofrepparttar 4 largest cities in India maybe daunting forrepparttar 149724 foreigner who visits it forrepparttar 149725 first time.

The public transport is efficient BUS as well as MRTS but it tends to get crowded during peak times.

Auto rickshaws are prevalent and they charge a decent amount too.

Shooting High Definition Stock Footage in Italy

Written by Kathi Jacobs

Italy is without questionrepparttar place to shoot high definition video. Nearly everything in this sun-drenched part ofrepparttar 149668 world cries out for a

photo or video capture. My feelings aboutrepparttar 149669 country have never wavered from this opinion.

Having said that, I must also admit that Italy - particularly in metropolitan areas - is a problematic country for videographers. Rome,

among other Italian cities, has some ofrepparttar 149670 toughest regulations and laws limiting commercial photography.

My husband, Wayne, and I formed our company - VITA Digital Productions - 5 years ago to shoot European video footage - both for

our own specialty-market treadmill virtual walks ( ) and to sell as stock footage to TV networks aroundrepparttar 149671

world ( ). We maderepparttar 149672 decision last year to switch over to HD (High Definition) footage after

getting our first request for HD footage.

Our biggest concerns, in planning our recent three-week shoot in May 2005, were 1.repparttar 149673 safe transport of our video equipment (all in

carry-on bags, for obvious reasons!), 2.repparttar 149674 ability to shoot in and around tourist-laden locations, and 3. finding ways to get video

footage in spite ofrepparttar 149675 stringent regulations enforced in Rome.

Wayne and I have done this several times overrepparttar 149676 past five years - researching a picture-worthy destination in Europe, making our

own travel plans, and packing up like two serendipitous vagabonds to go forth and shoot (you’d just have to know me to appreciate

how foreign this is - no pun intended - to my accustomed, orderly way of life). When I look back torepparttar 149677 first part of 2001 (pre 9-11) and

our two trips to Italy in spring and summer of that year, I realize now how easy it was to get through customs with unusual looking video


Whenrepparttar 149678 two of us travel on a video shoot, we have slowly learned to takerepparttar 149679 bare minimum of clothing so that we can

accommodaterepparttar 149680 camera, tripods, SteadiCam apparatus, batteries, filters, wide-angle lens, fluid heads, and tape in addition to

spare parts for repairs.

This trip, anticipating problems with airport security, we took pictures of Wayne wearingrepparttar 149681 SteadiCam vest and showingrepparttar 149682 camera

mounted onrepparttar 149683 articulated arm. We then tuckedrepparttar 149684 pictures insiderepparttar 149685 luggage for quick and easy retrieval. Whenrepparttar 149686 security

agents x-rayed our bags, they never failed to have us open our luggage and inspectrepparttar 149687 equipment contained. It expeditedrepparttar 149688

process when we were able to produce pictures showing how every piece of equipment fit together. Wayne also mailed a small and

inexpensive packet of tools (a screwdriver, a pair of pliers and an Allen wrench) to each of our two hotels so that we would not have

those little forbidden items confiscated inrepparttar 149689 airports. And for some reason, an Allen wrench is an absolute no-no with security

agents! I suppose that all ofrepparttar 149690 items could have been purchased in Italy, but time is money on a shoot and we didn’t want to waste

time searching for a source in a strange city.

Safely arriving with all of our equipment in Italy, we were ready to begin shooting. We had an itinerary and a shooting agenda for

each day, but we knew we would have to build in some flexibility to allow for bothrepparttar 149691 weather andrepparttar 149692 unexpected. We have been

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