Traveling With Kids

Written by Susanne Myers

A little preparation will make a big difference in how enjoyable traveling with your kids can be. Use some of our tips and ideas below, whether you and your children are traveling by car or plane. After all, this isrepparttar time ofrepparttar 144664 year when we are ready to relax and rejuvenate, not stress about how to get to our favorite vacation spot while listening to “Are we there yet?” every 10 minutes. Outlined below are some ways for you to make sure both you and your kids are comfortable while traveling.

Dress everyone in comfortable loose clothing and pack a spare outfit for everyone where you can easily reach it during your trip. Pack a small pillow and a light blanket for each ofrepparttar 144665 kids, as well as their favorite stuffed toy or doll to snuggle up with at night or during naptime. These not only work great onrepparttar 144666 plane or inrepparttar 144667 car, but will also make your kids more comfortable once you arrive at your destination.

Whether you travel by car or by plane, pack some drinks and snacks forrepparttar 144668 kids, so you don’t have to rely on rest stops, kiosks atrepparttar 144669 airport orrepparttar 144670 meals that are served onrepparttar 144671 plane. We usually give our daughter only water inrepparttar 144672 car. It’s not nearly as messy as some ofrepparttar 144673 fruit juice or sports drinks if it gets spilled. To make plain water a little more interesting and to keep it cool, fix an insulated zippy cup or sports bottle with ice water. And believe me, they will spill it sooner or later, even ifrepparttar 144674 cup claims to be spill proof. Some good choices for not-so-messy snacks are trail mix, pretzels, teddy grahams, dried fruit, fresh apple slices (drizzle them with a little lemon or lime juice to keep them from turning brown), mini marshmallows, and baby carrots. Come up with some snacks that your kids love and put them in individual zip-lock bags.

The zip-lock bags also come in handy to pack up some crafts supplies like crayons, stickers, blunt scissors and glue sticks, forrepparttar 144675 artists in your family.

To keep your little one’s entertained, you may also want to pack some coloring books, picture books, or pack a child friendly novel, likerepparttar 144676 Harry Potter books to read aloud inrepparttar 144677 car. Audio books and music CDs or tapes also come in handy.

Picky Eaters - Successful Strategies Part 1

Written by Jason Katzenback

What is in a name?

The answer is everything!

Jo J. of Victoria, Texas said that her son was a very picky eater betweenrepparttar ages of four and six and refused to eat many ofrepparttar 144663 dishes she made, until she discoveredrepparttar 144664 art of renaming recipes.

“One evening I discovered that he would eat ANYTHING he thought might be onrepparttar 144665 diet ofrepparttar 144666 characters of his favorite TV show atrepparttar 144667 time, ‘The Young Riders.’ Oh, yeah,” Jo says, “The Kid's Beans, Teaspoon's Favorite Casserole, Young Riders' Skillet, and many others became sudden favorites of my picky eater son. To this day, he still enjoys dishes that were once refused simply because of inventive renaming!”

While most adults and some children look forward to new food experiences, understand and accept that your picky eater will look forward to eatingrepparttar 144668 same foods over and over again. This often gives them a sense of comfort and security, which is generally not hazardous to their health unless it is sugar or sodium laden.

Studies have shown that repeated exposure to foods greatly increasesrepparttar 144669 likelihood even a picky eater child will eat it. Some experts feelthat new food has to be offered anywhere from 8 to 18 times before it is acceptable. You can preparerepparttar 144670 food in different ways, but offer it on a consistent basis, especially when your picky eater child will berepparttar 144671 hungriest. Offering food as part of a nutrition activity or snack may make it more interesting. Also seeing other children sample foods may encourage a picky eater to become more adventurous.

If you know in advance that one or more ofrepparttar 144672 food choices will be met with howls of disgust, have something else available that your picky eater will find pleasing to his or her palate. Encourage your picky child to taste one ofrepparttar 144673 “repulsive” foods before chowing down on one ofrepparttar 144674 more desirable ones, but do not be offended if he or she refuses.

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