Travel and Tourism in Sierra Leone is a Hot Topic!

Written by Suzanne Whitby

Until a few days ago, if you had asked me to tell you about Sierra Leone, I would have had to think long and hard to tell you much about this West African country. I could probably have explained roughly whererepparttar country is located. I may have mentioned something aboutrepparttar 140649 slave trade being connected to Sierra Leone. I could certainly have told you that they had experienced a brutal civil war. I might even have admitted that I wasn't entirely sure whetherrepparttar 140650 war was 100% over. And that's about it.

Slavery and war. A pretty negative view of what is in fact an exceptionally positive country. Today, I see Sierra Leone from an entirely different perspective.

It is difficult to ignore Sierra Leone's history and focus purely onrepparttar 140651 present. Once a fertile area inhabited by dozens of tribes, it was settled byrepparttar 140652 Portuguese inrepparttar 140653 1400's who built a fort as a trading post for gold, spices, ivory and slaves. A British protectorate in later years, Sierra Leone hadrepparttar 140654 dubious honour of becoming home to more than 40,000 freed slaves who gave Freetown its name. As a protectorate, Sierra Leone was exploited for its mineral and diamond wealth inrepparttar 140655 1900's and Sierra Leonean's fought againstrepparttar 140656 Germans in Cameroon inrepparttar 140657 First World War, and alongsiderepparttar 140658 British inrepparttar 140659 Second World War. In 1961, Sierra Leone achieved independence from Britain and governed itself peacefully for 30 years. The peace was not to last and was followed by a decade of brutal civil war that destroyedrepparttar 140660 economy, brutalisedrepparttar 140661 people and left a country that is rich in resources as one ofrepparttar 140662 poorest inrepparttar 140663 world.

The conflict was officially declared over in January 2002, and President Kabbah reelected in May 2002. Since then,repparttar 140664 people of Sierra Leone have been pulling together to repair, renew and regenerate.

Whilst doing research for a new website looking at travel and tourism in Sierra Leone, I came into contact with Sierra Leoneans from all manner of backgrounds living in both Sierra Leone and elsewhere. Their passion forrepparttar 140665 country was infectious: they clearly wanted to getrepparttar 140666 message across that Sierra Leone has far more to offer than a sad recent history and that reconstruction is moving ahead at a rapid pace. And indeed, proof of reconstruction is everywhere - new roads are being built, mines are being re-opened, dam projects started beforerepparttar 140667 war are once again underway, markets are once again thriving and humming with life. There is also a great deal of confidence in Sierra Leone's potential as a tourist destination: a Chinese company has recently invested a reputed US$270 million inrepparttar 140668 hotel infrastructure; enterprising companies like Kevin McPhillips Travel (based inrepparttar 140669 UK, USA andrepparttar 140670 Netherlands) offer exclusive twice weekly flights to Sierra Leone; African Tour specialists are researching viable package holidays inrepparttar 140671 region. The exciting thing about investment in Sierra Leone is that more is set to follow!

They have a right to be confident. The beaches along Sierra Leone's golden peninsula are said to be one ofrepparttar 140672 world's best kept secrets. Secluded, clean and stretching for miles on end, beach tourism is one ofrepparttar 140673 top items onrepparttar 140674 government's tourism promotion agenda. Beaches with very British names like Kent, Lumley, Sussex and York mix with more African names like Bureh Town, Tokey and Mammah beach, and

Ever been to Romania?

Written by Anca Echim

About a year ago, two Romanian backpackers launched (pronounced "The Spirit of Romania"), a travel guide with a twist, meant to show you that Romania means a bit more than Dracula or football. Well, tourism authorities and travelers from all overrepparttar world, watch out:repparttar 140596 site's summer-autumn 2005 version is alive and kicking for a couple of days now.

So, have you ever been to Romania?

Ifrepparttar 140597 answer is yes, then take a virtual trip to and lots of pleasant memories related to Romania will start flowing through your head. You’ll find there a place where you can brag with your travel experiences, whether they’re positive or negative, where you can sharerepparttar 140598 pictures you took in Romania and last but not least, a discussion board where you can share your knowledge with travelers that are about to visit places you’ve just returned from.

If Romania was indeed one of your memorable travel experiences thenrepparttar 140599 site will definitely grab you and turn you without even knowing it into a volunteer promoter of this country.

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