Travel To Russia - Kamchatka

Written by Marina Smiley

Amongrepparttar mysteries ofrepparttar 146748 Russian language there is an expression “Sitting on Kamchatka” which in school slang, this idiom means, “to sit inrepparttar 146749 back row ofrepparttar 146750 classroom, far enough fromrepparttar 146751 teacher’s strict gaze.

This geographical idiom originates fromrepparttar 146752 Kamchatka region ofrepparttar 146753 Far East, one ofrepparttar 146754 remotest areas from Moscow,repparttar 146755 Russian center. So everything connected with Kamchatka suggests something as remoteas can be.

At present however,repparttar 146756 effect of this expression is fading away. The engine of progress launches new regions inrepparttar 146757 tourist race, bringing travelers to any place ofrepparttar 146758 world and Kamchatka is a one more huge, well-equipped cosmodrom.

Visitors from all overrepparttar 146759 world can catchrepparttar 146760 joy and fascination from travelling to this wonderful place.

Interesting as it may seem, this very remote region of vast Russia is in fact twice as big as England! This unique place offers yourepparttar 146761 experiences of:

Travelling to active volcanoes and crater exploration. One ofrepparttar 146762 most thrilling routes runs to Klyuchevskoy volcano (4750 m),repparttar 146763 highest active volcano in Europe and Asia.

Climbing torepparttar 146764 top of Klyuchevskoy volcano and studying volcanic processes inrepparttar 146765 crater and onrepparttar 146766 slopes are of both scientific and adventuresome. Mountaineers and visitors can try organized climbing. Vast wilderness areas andrepparttar 146767 abrupt landscape, changing from fairytale woods to science-fiction moonlike landscapes are sure to leave a strong and lasting impression.

One may wish to visit other volcanoes just as exciting and terrific: Avachinsky Hill (2741 m), Plosky Tolbachik (3085 m) and Ostry Tolbachik (3682 m) and a variety of others. Thermal Springs and The Valley of Geysers were discovered in April, 1941. Travellers on entering a narrow passageway betweenrepparttar 146768 snowy rocks decided to have a rest and made themselves comfortable on a steep snow-capped hill. There was a thawed patch onrepparttar 146769 opposite shore with covered by a hazy fog and suddenly a spurt of hot water shot straight towards them! Todayrepparttar 146770 thermal springs are definitely one ofrepparttar 146771 world’s great wonders. A precious natural relic one can find and seeing it will be an experience. There are over 20 big geysers inrepparttar 146772 Valley: Velikan(Giant), Zhemchuzhny (Pearly), Sakharny (Sugary), Troynoy (Triple), Konus (Cone), Fontan (Fountain) and Maly (Small). There are geysers that gush forth every 10-12 minutes, while others may erupt once in 4-5 hours. The wreathes of steam, fountains of boiling water, incredible colours of slopes, hot water streaming along them and profuse greenery of grasses and trees make an enchanting show. As a rule one can try salmon fishing from May till October. There are two kinds of salmon fishing: spinning fishing and fly-fishing. In Kamchatka you may fish various salmon species such as king salmon, silver salmon and chum and sockeye and pink salmon. Impressive, yes?

Arrowheads and Rock Hunting In Arizona

Written by Steve Gillman

We weren't planning to go rock and arrowhead hunting in Arizona. My wife and I just liked that hotspring inrepparttar desert. It was agood place to escaperepparttar 146729 Michigan winter for a while.

Then we met Felix, an old Mayan Indian living in an old RV. After sharing meals and campfires for a week, he took us intorepparttar 146730 desert to show us ancient metates (grain-grinding stones) and arrowheads. We also found hundreds of beautiful rocks of every type, including Apache Tears, Fire Agate, and various quartzes.

Irina, a nineteen-year-old "rainbow kid," who had been living in her van for months, rode with Felix in his old pickup. We took our van. We spent two hours atrepparttar 146731 first stop. The recent rain had maderepparttar 146732 rocks and artifacts stand out, washing them clean. We were mostly just rock collecting.

Irina and my wife Ana found odd pieces that may have been arrowheads. We found old pottery pieces too, and Felix came back with half of a pot painted with an intricate design. It was probably hundreds of years old. Felix had been inrepparttar 146733 desert for years, and kept seeing things we missed.

Pony Express Ruins

At our second stop, Felix showed us ruins of an old Pony Express station. Unmarked and forgotten,repparttar 146734 grass-and-mud-block walls were still partially standing. I realized we still hadn't seen a single other car. There are some isolated areas in Arizona, and this is one of them. We started arrowhead hunting aroundrepparttar 146735 ruins, because Felix insistedrepparttar 146736 building would have been fired upon by arrows.

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