Travel To Russia - Baikal Lake

Written by Marina Smiley

One ofrepparttar most spectacular and unspoiled places on earth, which attracts tourists worldwide, is lake Baikal,repparttar 146750 deepest lake inrepparttar 146751 world. This lake is considered to haverepparttar 146752 purest and most tasteful water known to man. The water inrepparttar 146753 lake is so clean and clear that one can easily catch sight of fish some forty meters down (120 feet).

There is a legend, which tourists enjoy, that a boater lost his watch torepparttar 146754 lake which can still be seen onrepparttar 146755 bottom.

There are thousands of lakes on this planet but we are speaking of no ordinary lake, but rather about one of nature's miracles. One ofrepparttar 146756 few unique places left of unspoiled beauty.

Here are some interesting facts about this lake:

1. Baikal’s basin is made up of three underwater depressions, which together holds more water than all five ofrepparttar 146757 Great Lakes of North America. It holds one fifth ofrepparttar 146758 earth's supply of fresh water.

2. This Siberian miracle of nature isrepparttar 146759 deepest lake (1,700 m ) inrepparttar 146760 world.

3. The lake is so large that all ofrepparttar 146761 rivers onrepparttar 146762 Earth combined would take an entire year to fill it.

4. At 25-30 million years old, it isrepparttar 146763 oldest lake inrepparttar 146764 world.

5. Baikal also hides a mystery.

Travel To Russia - Vladivostok, Russian “Lord of the East”

Written by Marina Smiley

To many world-wide travelers seeking adventure,repparttar Russian Far East is a very desirable place to visit, and of course if you are going to visit this region, you do not want to miss seeingrepparttar 146749 famous sea port, Vladivostok.

Vladivostok, meaningrepparttar 146750 “Lord ofrepparttar 146751 East” in Russian, is located just acrossrepparttar 146752 Sea of Japan but a very distant 6,200 miles east of Moscow.

Interestingly, this beautiful sea port city was so far from repparttar 146753 center of communist rule, when Russia was better known asrepparttar 146754 Soviet Union, that it was not until 1954 that a leader ofrepparttar 146755 USSR visited this city.

I am talking about Nikita Khrushchev, a man who became famous, worldwide, for his eccentric statements and actions. He wasrepparttar 146756 first one to call Vladivostokrepparttar 146757 “Russian San-Francisco” which in many ways is a fairly accurate comparison.

Like San Francisco,repparttar 146758 city of Vladivostok is located on a hilly region surrounded by a bay, in this caserepparttar 146759 Gold Horn Bay Visitors who arrive to this city enjoyrepparttar 146760 spectacular view, which is surprisingly similar to San Francisco.

Vladivostok is alsorepparttar 146761 home port ofrepparttar 146762 Russian Navy’s pacific fleet, and there are hundreds of military ships and submarines located inrepparttar 146763 Gold Horn Bay. As a result of this,repparttar 146764 city of Vladivostok was a closed region for more than 70 years.

Vladivostok was city for a military installation, and even Russian citizens wanting to visit relatives, were forbidden to travel to this city without special permits and passes. It was not untilrepparttar 146765 year of 1992 that Vladivostok was officially opened for foreign visitors as well asrepparttar 146766 rest ofrepparttar 146767 Russian population.

Today thousands of tourists from all overrepparttar 146768 world travel to Vladivostok. Some takerepparttar 146769 wonderful 7 day journey from Moscow onrepparttar 146770 Trans Siberian Railway, while others prefer to travel to Japan or China, and finally finishing their adventure by arriving atrepparttar 146771 Russian “Lord ofrepparttar 146772 East”. Many travelers makerepparttar 146773 exciting journey byrepparttar 146774 ship, going to every worlds’ major sea port including Vladivostok.

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