Travel Tips to America

Written by VMT Singuillo

Are you visiting America forrepparttar first time? It is exciting and thrilling isn't

it? Can't blame you for that good feeling because if you have been issued travel

documents to enterrepparttar 146188 US, you are one ofrepparttar 146189 lucky ones!

Imagine, there are millions of people all aroundrepparttar 146190 world who wish to visitrepparttar 146191

United States of America but more than two-thirds of those who applied for a US

visa are denied for some reasons! So congratulate yourself that you have your US


Always remember that having a visa is notrepparttar 146192 end of your struggle to have one.

It is justrepparttar 146193 beginning of more thrills ahead. For one thing, as you enterrepparttar 146194

United States of America, you will go throughrepparttar 146195 port of entries where

immigration officials will still determine if you can come in throughrepparttar 146196 doors of

the country. If you got your visa fraudulently, you can be caught and be


If you are coming torepparttar 146197 US as a tourist,repparttar 146198 immigration officers atrepparttar 146199 port of

entry will also determine how long you will be granted to stay inrepparttar 146200 US.

Legally, you are only allowed to stay inrepparttar 146201 US only onrepparttar 146202 amount of time you are

granted byrepparttar 146203 immigrations officers. If you overstay, you become an over staying

alien and would be subject to possible deportation. However, you may apply for an

extension of stay. Your application for extension, however, does not guarantee

Travel To Lake Louise - Vacation Capital Of Canada

Written by Catherine Olivia

If you're looking for a vacation getaway in North America with some ofrepparttar most breathtaking scenery inrepparttar 146187 world, a place where you can see unspoiled wilderness and wildlife duringrepparttar 146188 day, hike, bike, or fish, and then be pampered with a massage, facial, or body treatment, and enjoy a "high tea" inrepparttar 146189 afternoon, then consider traveling torepparttar 146190 Chateau Lake Louise inrepparttar 146191 Canadian Rockie Mountains.

A two hour drive from Calgary, situated onrepparttar 146192 bank of Lake Louise a vacation atrepparttar 146193 Chateau Lake Louise will have you thinking that you're actually vacationing in a Swiss Chalet. Personalized service isrepparttar 146194 key here, any wish will be granted. The Chateau offers a spa and health club, with an indoor pool. There are at least six dining room serving hamburgers to Alberta beef tenderloin with black truffle potato gratin, and everything in between.

Travel here any time ofrepparttar 146195 year. During Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, Lake Louise has something to offer everyone. Canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, fly-fishing, and horseback riding are just some ofrepparttar 146196 outdoor activities offered in Spring. For winter travel there is downhill skiing, heli skiing and plenty of cross country skiing. Lake Louise is one of Canada's largest ski areas with a 3,250 ft. vertical drop. A 40 minute ride will have you torepparttar 146197 Sunshine Ski Area which boastsrepparttar 146198 longest ski season in Canada. Shuttles run betweenrepparttar 146199 Chateau andrepparttar 146200 ski area.

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