Travel Tips: Tips For Safer Flying

Written by Seth B.

Flying can be an adventure, but like everything else in life, there are small risks. Even though flying isrepparttar safest way to travel in this modern age, here are some tips to minimize any unfortunate, but unlikely event of an emergency situation.

Try to only fly nonstop routings

Takeoff, climb, descent, and landing phases of flights haverepparttar 149725 most occurrences of accidents. To reduce these risks reducerepparttar 149726 amount of exposure to these phases of flight by trying only to fly nonstop.

Choose a larger aircraft

Aircraft under 30 passengers are not required to be designed and certified under strictest regulations. Also statistically, in a larger aircraft, you have a better chance of survival in an unlikely event of a serious accident.

Pay Attention torepparttar 149727 locations ofrepparttar 149728 emergency exits

Preflight instructions have become very repetitious. Butrepparttar 149729 information given regardingrepparttar 149730 exits are very important to your safety. Pay attention,repparttar 149731 locations ofrepparttar 149732 closest emergency exits may be different depending onrepparttar 149733 aircraft and seat you are in.

Overhead Storage Bins should be free of heavy articles

Overhead storage bins and their doors are not made to hold very heavy objects during turbulence, so ask if you or another passenger have heavy articles to be stored elsewhere.

Keep your seat belt fastened whilerepparttar 149734 plane is inrepparttar 149735 air.

Travelling in Chennai

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Travelling in Chennai

Chennai being one ofrepparttar 4 largest cities in India maybe daunting forrepparttar 149724 foreigner who visits it forrepparttar 149725 first time.

The public transport is efficient BUS as well as MRTS but it tends to get crowded during peak times.

Auto rickshaws are prevalent and they charge a decent amount too.

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