Travel Light to Work

Written by Nan S. Russell

As a frequent traveler, my goal for each trip is to travel light. Despite thoughtful planning, sometimes that goal is shattered when I go to closerepparttar suitcase and realize I need a larger, or even second one. I can't always get my packing right and end up taking more than I need. When that happens it's frustrating. I hate lugging extra baggage and feeling encumbered.

Work is like that, too. We often bring too much baggage. It may not look like baggage, but it weighs us down justrepparttar 135173 same. It's disguised as past relationships with bosses; previous work experiences; mind-talk about whether we can or can't do something; how we've been treated in work (and life), or how we think we have. And usually there's at least one duffle bag stuffed with our expectations.

I've found in twenty years of management most people bring suitcases full of self-doubt, old patterning from old relationships and self-fulfilling prophesies to work every day, and it stifles them. Most people let past work experiences dictate their future ones. So if they've worked in three different jobs or companies, those three job experiences are packed intorepparttar 135174 suitcases they're lugging. Some people end up lugging dozens and dozens of them.

They're likerepparttar 135175 travelers in this story I heard. One day a young man stopped his car atrepparttar 135176 side ofrepparttar 135177 road as he enteredrepparttar 135178 township limits. An older woman paused from her gardening as he approached. "I'm thinking of moving to this town," he told her, "and I was wondered if you could tell me whatrepparttar 135179 people are like here?" "Well," she said, "what wererepparttar 135180 people like where you lived before?" "Demanding and competitive and not very helpful," he said. "Well," she told him, "I think you'll find peoplerepparttar 135181 same way here."

How to Pick the Best Career For You , Part 2: From Exposure-to-Opportunity

Written by Marta L. Driesslein, CECC

Let’s face it. Searching for employment is a royal pain inrepparttar butt. Want to knowrepparttar 135172 best way to get exposure to key company leaders and unpublicized opportunity withrepparttar 135173 least amount of stumbling?

Gain an audience by recognizing opportunity There’s a sexier method to salsa into a great career with less tripping and more flair. Look for problems to solve and create a personalized solution. Find those challenges by spotting company movement of any kind, whetherrepparttar 135174 change is good, bad or ugly. If you do this, you’ll capitalize on an opportunity to be heard and get that coveted invitation to dance inrepparttar 135175 king’s court.

Hot career tip: If you want to infiltrate an intended employer fortress, a feat that other job seekers assume impossible, remember that it’s much easier ifrepparttar 135176 inhabitants onrepparttar 135177 other side openrepparttar 135178 door for you.

Here are three things that you need to know to increase your chances of obtaining an insider’s invite:

Resume blasting is as productive as sailing paper airplanes aimlessly intorepparttar 135179 wind

Traditional networking causes most job candidates to feel like hookers standing on a dimly-lit street corner soliciting interest from passersby. Online job searching, a passive mind-numbing activity, done without a target will suckrepparttar 135180 creative energy right out of you

You won’t find that best job through traditional networking What happened torepparttar 135181 prevailing idea that networking isrepparttar 135182 best career resource to find a new job? “Networking is still one ofrepparttar 135183 better methods to find employment but today it’s used in a different way,” says Randy Stevens, President and CEO of R. L. Stevens & Associates Inc., a national career marketing firm based in Waltham, Massachusetts. “Inrepparttar 135184 fifth year of a negative economy, actually byrepparttar 135185 second year, networks get choked. Overrepparttar 135186 last few years these networks have been overused by people who had good networks.”

Traditional Networking has been replaced and redefined There’s a better way to get doors open says Stevens. The concept of “Greasingrepparttar 135187 Wheel,” has replacedrepparttar 135188 model of traditional networking. He explains, “In this current employment cycle coveringrepparttar 135189 past five years, traditional networking transitioned to becoming more meaningful for informational interviews to gather information, rather than directly finding a job. ‘Greasingrepparttar 135190 Wheel’ onrepparttar 135191 other hand, is a fresher approach because it ties or connects a personalized solution you’ve identified to an employer’s need.” Your job search is then redefined from looking for employment openings to more proactively seeking a gateway to supply value and benefit as a solution provider.

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