Travel Journals

Written by Doreene Clement

Travel Journals By Doreene Clement

Are you off to a vacation adventure this summer? Have you ever kept a travel journal?

A travel journal is where you write about your personal, family and/or business travels. It can be a separate journal where you record your experiences, details, and even your feelings about your travels, creating a written record of each trip. You can also record your travels, if you already journal, in your existing journal. Just indicate that this is a record of your travels -- That can be accomplished by using a separate color of pen.

You can recordÖ

Your feelings and experiences.

Allrepparttar locations you visited. You can include a map or draw a map.

The miles and time to travel from location to location.

Who you were with.

Who you met.

What you wore.

Would you go back? Why? What do you want to see?

Where you stayed? You can keeprepparttar 145008 address, phone numbers, names, etc.

What you ate? Again recordrepparttar 145009 address, etc., so you can find it again.


Written by Matt Reider

A Few Words About Hostelling

Hostels are generally fantastic places to be. The people who are there are passionate about travelling, there is lots of camaraderie and a strong sense of community between travellers. It is inrepparttar hostel, not a guidebook that you will found outrepparttar 144916 best places to go, great places to get discounts at and loads of other tips about what is worthrepparttar 144917 money and what isnít. It is also common for groups of people to travel together for a few days after meeting at a hostel.

This relaxed, communal atmosphere does not mean, however, that you can be completely naive about leaving your stuff in plain sight. If you are going to be out for long periods ofrepparttar 144918 day, it is probably best to buy a PacSafe. This is essentially a slash-proof wire net that you can lock around your pack so pesky fingers cannot explore while youíre out onrepparttar 144919 town.

Older hostels generally offer dorm style rooms separated by sex butrepparttar 144920 trend is for most modern hostels to offer single, double and four-bedded accommodation as well. Private accommodation is more expensive but having a room to yourself can be a luxurious treat, especially whenrepparttar 144921 thought of having another nights sleep interrupted by selection fromrepparttar 144922 Snoring Chorus is enough to bring on a nervous breakdown.

It is traditional for hostels to ask their guests to help withrepparttar 144923 some chores during their stay. Most city hostels just ask you to put your linen inrepparttar 144924 laundry but some rural hostels will expect more of a commitment. If you have completely blown your budget, it is possible to negotiate a free nightís accommodation in exchange for doing some extra housekeeping chores. Donít count on this every night however, or youíll end up spending your entire vacation doing dishes.

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