Travel Guidebooks Reviewed

Written by Sarah Moore

Travel Guidebooks are an invaluable source of information. Even ifrepparttar size of each book is enough to put you off your research, they can be a great reference guide while traveling. But how do they stack up to one another?

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet isrepparttar 142703 king of allrepparttar 142704 guidebooks. They have a book that covers just about every destination inrepparttar 142705 world. The information is comprehensive and is tailored towardsrepparttar 142706 budget traveler. Detailed maps are also provided. On a downside, because of Lonely Planetís popularity, anything that is recommended is usually swamped with tourists.

Rough Guides Like Lonely Planet, Rough Guides offer comprehensive and invaluable information more suited for a slightly older reader. The country background history isrepparttar 142707 best of allrepparttar 142708 guidebooks put together. The range of guidebooks is lacking though (compared torepparttar 142709 hundreds of Lonely Planet titles) and if your a picture junkie, Rough Guides may not be for you.

Frommers Frommers have moved from a budget guidebook to more middle ofrepparttar 142710 road. The information is comprehensive and many ofrepparttar 142711 guidebooks come included with detachable maps. Again,repparttar 142712 range of guidebooks is lacking. Be sure to look for their "Frommers Portable" publications - especially if you like to travel light.

How to overcome Jetlag

Written by Sarah Moore

Jetlag seems to be every travelerís worst nightmare Ė especially if youíre going away for just a short while.

What causes Jetlag?

Jetlag is a condition that arises from crossing multiple time zones in a relatively short time and consequently disturbs your natural body clock or circadian rhythms. Other contributing factors include lack of exercise, dry atmosphere and alcohol.

What arerepparttar symptoms of Jetlag?

Arriving at your destination feeling tried, groggy and disorientated arerepparttar 142702 most common symptoms. Many people also find it difficult to concentrate and have very erratic sleep patterns. Waking up inrepparttar 142703 middle ofrepparttar 142704 night or feeling a need to take nap duringrepparttar 142705 day can be frequent.

Because ofrepparttar 142706 dry atmosphere aboard aircraft, Dehydration can also be a major problem.

How long dorepparttar 142707 symptoms last for?

Jetlag symptoms can last for just a few hours Ė allrepparttar 142708 way up to a week (for more acute cases). Generally though, travelers find on a normal flight betweenrepparttar 142709 US and Europe,repparttar 142710 effects of Jetlag last for a couple of days. As a guide, for every time zone you cross, allow for a full day of recovery. Symptoms also vary by age. Children are far less susceptible.

How can Jetlag symptoms be reduced?

Before you depart, make sure that you get plenty of sleep. Eat well and avoid alcohol. Allow for plenty of time before departure. Stress is one ofrepparttar 142711 worst culprits. Also, try taking some zinc supplements as itís been proven that people with higher zinc levels tend to suffer less.

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