Transmit Clean Digital Audio with Digital Coaxial Cables

Written by Jon Martin

Inrepparttar world of digital audio, there are two types of cable to choose from; optical cables which use light to transmit signal and digital coaxial cable. These audio cables will enable your home theater system to transmit digital data between components. This will provide you with superior sound quality over typical RCA audio cables.

How Digital Coaxial Cable Works

Digital coaxial cables employrepparttar 138325 same principles as other coaxial cables. The inner conducting layer is surrounded by an outer conductor as well asrepparttar 138326 rubbery insulating layer outsiderepparttar 138327 cable. The digital signal is sent throughrepparttar 138328 inner conductor as it travels between components. Duringrepparttar 138329 course of its transmission,repparttar 138330 signal routinely comes in contact withrepparttar 138331 outer conductor. The outer conductive layer is created with materials that act as a reflector forrepparttar 138332 signal, thereby bouncing it back off of its surface. The signal will continue to reflect withinrepparttar 138333 confines of inner conductor until it reachesrepparttar 138334 receiving component.

Dedicated to Digital Audio

Digital coaxial cable has only one purpose; to deliver digital audio between components. This is in complete contrast to RF coaxial cable which transmits both video and audio alongrepparttar 138335 same path. As you may suspect, dedicatingrepparttar 138336 entire bandwidth ofrepparttar 138337 cable to sending only digital audio has excellent ramifications for your home theater’s sound quality. This practice results in greater signal fidelity betweenrepparttar 138338 transmitting device andrepparttar 138339 receiving component. Greater signal fidelity means thatrepparttar 138340 sound you hear from your home theater speakers will be truer torepparttar 138341 wayrepparttar 138342 sound was originally recorded.

How to Place Home Theater Speakers

Written by Jon Martin

You have your television and home theater receiver; you just bought your new speakers and subwoofer and are ready to test things out. It's time to break outrepparttar measuring tape because precision is vital to achievingrepparttar 138324 full potential of your home theater system. For this article, we are going to focus on a 5.1 surround sound system. The term "5.1" refers torepparttar 138325 number of speakers and subwoofers inrepparttar 138326 system respectively. So for a 5.1 surround sound system, there are five speakers (the center channel,repparttar 138327 two front speakers, andrepparttar 138328 two rear speakers) and one subwoofer. When placing your home theater speakers, try to userepparttar 138329 same amount of speaker wire for each type of speaker. For example, userepparttar 138330 same length of wire for each ofrepparttar 138331 front speakers. This will allowrepparttar 138332 signal to reach each speaker in aboutrepparttar 138333 same instant. I say “about” because there are variations inrepparttar 138334 wire which could causerepparttar 138335 signal to reach one speaker slightly (fractions of a fraction of a second) beforerepparttar 138336 other. By makingrepparttar 138337 two lengths equal, you ensure that this delay remains tiny and unnoticeable.

Center Channel The center channel should always be placed either immediately above or immediately belowrepparttar 138338 viewing screen. Make surerepparttar 138339 speaker is pointed directly atrepparttar 138340 audience.

Front Speakers The two front speakers should berepparttar 138341 same distance fromrepparttar 138342 audience asrepparttar 138343 center channel. Doing this will ensure thatrepparttar 138344 sound will travel from each speaker torepparttar 138345 audience inrepparttar 138346 same amount of time and reducerepparttar 138347 chances of there being a noticeable delay between what takes place on screen to when you hear it. Each ofrepparttar 138348 front speakers should also be positioned an equal distance fromrepparttar 138349 TV on either side. This distance is dependant on your specific tastes; just make sure thatrepparttar 138350 distances are both equal.

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