"Transition Your Mind - From Dependant Employee to Self-Sufficient Entrepreneur"

Written by Dave Hertner

There are a great many of you out there who are poised and ready to move intorepparttar next phase of your lives but you are stuck inrepparttar 117593 starting gate!! You have dedicated a part of yourself torepparttar 117594 romance and excitement that surrounds a new business venture but there is something holding you back.

Today, I'm going to help you see into yourself so you can take an honest look at why you're having trouble makingrepparttar 117595 transition into entrepreneurship.

As you grow yourself out of your current situation towards entrepreneurship, you will pass through three phases of development.

The first phase isrepparttar 117596 DEPENDENCY PHASE. Physical dependence isrepparttar 117597 same as if you were hooked on some sort of substance. Your mind has decided that it is completely reliant on something. It doesn't have to be a substance!! It could be a family location. It could be a physical impairment. It could be that you don't ownrepparttar 117598 type of clothing that your mind needs to see your body in before it can accept that you can be someone different.

The mental and emotional component of this dependence isrepparttar 117599 most important part to understand. If you cannot get a handle on your dependencies in this area you will get stuck in this phase. That said, this is alsorepparttar 117600 most liberating door to walk through. You have to sit your self down and take an HONEST look at your life up to this point. Remind yourself about your dreams!! Accomplishment inrepparttar 117601 absence of dreams is impossible!! Open yourself up torepparttar 117602 possible and focus your energy toward that goal!!

The TRANSITION PHASE isrepparttar 117603 'get up and go' phase. Here you are with a fresh look at yourself and a great business idea. You now facerepparttar 117604 fear of starting or, if you teem it with inertia, ' Fear of Departure'. This happens often when you have a secure, well paying job that you are contemplating leaving. There are two things that can combat this fear. You needrepparttar 117605 support of your family and friends and you need to have a business plan that you have completely internalized. This will give yourepparttar 117606 courage to step away (mentally at first) from that perceived security which is exactly what is holding you back.

A Quick Guide to Third-Party Credit Card Processors

Written by Angela Wu

If you've ever looked into getting your own merchant account, you already know how expensive it can be. Application fees, setup fees, standard monthly fees, transaction fees... they all add up fast! It can be too much for a business that's just getting started.

There is an alternative. Third-party credit card processing companies handle your credit card transactions for you in return for a cut of your profits. Setup is typically either free, or there's a small, one-time fee.

Here's here it works: once you've applied and/or been approved and paid any applicable setup fees, you create ordering links for your products. These ordering links lead torepparttar third-party processor's server, where they handle orders on your behalf. Credit cards and online checks are common ordering options provided by third-party processors. Some also offer a telephone ordering option.

After your customer places an order, that sale is automatically credited to you, minusrepparttar 117592 company's commission. You are paid byrepparttar 117593 third-party processor at regular intervals, according to their pay schedule.

So what'srepparttar 117594 big deal? Why would third-party processors appeal to startup businesses? Aside fromrepparttar 117595 setup fee, you are only ever charged IF and WHEN you make a sale. If you don't sell anything, you're not charged anything.

Here are a few things to consider when researching third- party processors:

* How much isrepparttar 117596 setup fee? Don't be put off if there is one; three ofrepparttar 117597 four processors I use charge a setup fee, and they've been well worthrepparttar 117598 small cost.

* Transaction fees. After paying these fees, do you still make a reasonable profit? I've seen fees ranging from around 5% to about 30%, withrepparttar 117599 average somewhere inrepparttar 117600 middle.

* Are there additional fees for accepting online checks or telephone orders? Doesrepparttar 117601 processor even offer these as options?

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