Transforming Scarcity into Abundance

Written by Francoise Rapp

Financial abundance is an extension of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs. Are you struggling in your career or relationships? Do you complain rather than take action? Are you pessimistic and doubtful that life is full of possibilities and opportunities? If you are not fully satisfied or not enjoying prosperity right now, then you need to shift your perspective on your life.

The good news is you can transform your life and discover abundance simply by changing your inner state of mind. Scarcity is a habitual feeling that can be changed easily. But it requires some time and patience to shift your thought process. Here are few tips to help you:

· Pay attention to your thinking and actions duringrepparttar day. How do you approach life? With fear and pessimism orrepparttar 122411 contrary? · Express gratitude for all your possessions, including tangible items like money, as well as intangibles like your relationships, health, etc. Write them down. · Share what you have with others. A simple smile may have a tremendous impact on someone. · Appreciate what you have. · Make a list of negative, passive and fearful attitudes or thoughts you have toward money, situations, wealthy people. Translate your list into one of positives. · Indulge yourself. · Behave like a wealthy person. Feel comfortable with richness. The use ofrepparttar 122412 aromatic blend below will support you through this process by calming your fears and enhancing positivism in all aspects of your life.

Uncover Your Diamond: Ignite Your Inner Light

Written by Michelle L. Casto, M.Ed.

Uncover Your Diamond “Ignite Your Inner Light”

By Michelle L. Casto

Stress is a natural part of being human. But contrary to popular belief, stress does not have to be destructive. Quiterepparttar opposite, stress can be creative. The fact is that everything in life has been created by elements stressing other elements until something new was born. Ever hearrepparttar 122410 phrase, “a diamond inrepparttar 122411 rough?” Think about how coal and rock is stressed by nature until it becomes a diamond. You are like a diamond, waiting to be uncovered. It’s been said that change is inevitable, growth is intentional. Sometimes you need to “stress yourself” to make forward progress in life. Until you put pressure on yourself, you will remain stuck. That is why working with a coach is so powerful, I providerepparttar 122412 extra push and support needed to get you into action! If you truly want to transform your life, you simply must make some internal shifts and external changes. This is entirely possible. If you choose to look at some of life’s challenges as opportunities for personal growth and transformation, your soul will become free to beam. When you “turn yourself on” by living with vision, working with purpose, and loving with passion, you ignite your inner light. And you will literally glow fromrepparttar 122413 inside out. Your soul is your energy source. When you feel dull and lifeless, your light is dim. When you feel radiant and alive, your light is bright. To live a brightlight life, charge up your inner source by satisfying your soul’s needs----love, purpose, connection, contentment, acceptance, fulfillment, and joy. Everyone wants to possess a diamond,repparttar 122414 most valuable gemstone. The truth is, you already have a diamond within you---it’s your soul. Just like a diamond has to be excavated beneathrepparttar 122415 earth to be of any worth, you need to dig deep beneath your ego’s walls to discover your own special gift. The amazing thing is that you don’t have to go anywhere to find it. You just have to stop searching onrepparttar 122416 outside and start looking onrepparttar 122417 inside for what will make you happy! Everything you need to haverepparttar 122418 brilliant life you desire is within you right now. Your inner diamond (soul) patiently waits for your discovery, and it will tell you all you need to know, if you but only ask and listen. Following your soul’s callings will put you on a path, which will be illuminated by your inner light, as a result, you will become lighter, brighter, and enlightened while on your life’s journey.

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