Transforming Negative Beliefs to Positive

Written by Alan Tutt

Transforming Negative Beliefs to Positive by Alan Tutt

Have you ever tried to transform your life by changing your beliefs, only to find that you are overwhelmed by a flood of negative beliefs? Does it seem as thoughrepparttar negative beliefs are in total control over your life? Do you feel that you must be a completely negative person, without a single positive beliefs in your soul?

If you are looking to become a more positive person, but not sure where to start, here is something that may help. The first part ofrepparttar 122195 journey isrepparttar 122196 most tedious. A lot of people seem to feel as you do, thinking that most of their beliefs are onrepparttar 122197 negative side rather than positive. However, I've never met a person who only had negative beliefs, without a single positive one. I know for a fact that you are notrepparttar 122198 exception to this rule, since you obviously believe that you can change and improve - which is itself a positive belief.

And that may be your starting point. As long as you can recognize that you do have positive beliefs, it won't be so hard to assume that you can have more. And once you start thinking of yourself as being a person with positive beliefs, then your progress will speed up tremendously!

A complete changeover from 90% negative to 90% positive may take a little time to implement, but not as much time as you may at first assume. I guessrepparttar 122199 first question to ask is how much time isrepparttar 122200 investment worth to you? Time will progress whether we change ourselves or not, and atrepparttar 122201 end of a 10 year time span, we can either be who we are right now, or we can be a completely different person. I'm not saying thatrepparttar 122202 process will take that much time, but what if it did? Would you choose to keep your negative beliefs just becauserepparttar 122203 change didn't happen instantly?

I guess I'm trying to say thatrepparttar 122204 process will take some time, no matter what process you work with. Inrepparttar 122205 Keys To Power system, it isrepparttar 122206 hypnosis that really makesrepparttar 122207 changes happen quickly, butrepparttar 122208 processes that come before are what really makerepparttar 122209 hypnosis effective. Inrepparttar 122210 lesson on affirmations, you are trying outrepparttar 122211 statements to see whatrepparttar 122212 effect will be. Ifrepparttar 122213 effects seem to be good, then you will take those affirmations intorepparttar 122214 hypnotic process to speed uprepparttar 122215 effects. Ifrepparttar 122216 effects of your affirmations indicate a possible problem, then you have a good chance to make corrections before any real damage is done.

Hypnosis and Spiritual Development

Written by Alan Tutt

Hypnosis and Spiritual Development by Alan Tutt

Hypnosis has a strong reputation for being an excellent tools for changing habits. It is also a popular stage show activity that results in some facinating displays of mental manipulation. Many psychologists will also use hypnosis as a means for treating mental dysfunction. And success coaches will use hypnosis for aiding in personal development. But hypnosis can be used for even greater purposes than these, including spiritual development.

The process of hypnosis is relatively easy, which is surprising to most, consideringrepparttar power that is associated with this phenomenon. In short,repparttar 122194 process is one of distractingrepparttar 122195 conscious mind long enough to implant alternate suggestions torepparttar 122196 inner mind. Many people think that hypnosis is a process of puttingrepparttar 122197 conscious mind asleep, but this is a common misconception of hypnosis. Hypnosis is not sleep, but rather a form of tightly focused concentration.

Many spiritual traditions use meditation as a vehicle for development. Meditation too, is a process of focusingrepparttar 122198 mind, but usually at a lower level of intensity. This lower level of intensity makes meditation easier forrepparttar 122199 individual to attain and control. Oncerepparttar 122200 mind is focused torepparttar 122201 degree common in hypnosis,repparttar 122202 ability to directrepparttar 122203 course of activity is usually lost. This is one ofrepparttar 122204 major difficulties in trying to use hypnosis by yourself. To reach a deep level, you have to have an outside source of direction.

But there are relatively simple methods of overcoming this difficulty.

Having another person direct you throughrepparttar 122205 process is a common method. This isrepparttar 122206 way many of us view hypnosis - as a process of one person leading another through a series of steps. If this person is trustworthy, and has a solid grounding in psychology andrepparttar 122207 spiritual beliefs you hold, then this isrepparttar 122208 best option, as any variation that comes up duringrepparttar 122209 process of hypnosis can be dealt with effectively.

If your purpose of using hypnosis were to stop smoking, lose weight, control procrastination, or a host of many other common goals, then you would be able to use one ofrepparttar 122210 many pre-recorded hypnotic tapes that are being sold onrepparttar 122211 market. Unfortunately, there aren't many hypnotic recordings for spiritual development, andrepparttar 122212 ones that do exist are somewhat expensive (the ecomonics of supply and demand in action).

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