Transcendence Release Nothing Is Cohesive

Written by Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck


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New York, NY--May 2, 2005--The ever-experimental rock stalwarts Transcendence have turnedrepparttar tables again and released a stunning new album entitled Nothing Is Cohesive. Coming off of last year’s harder-edged modern rock manifesto Sleep With You, which yieldedrepparttar 136349 hit singles Superhero Girl and Minnie Driver, Nothing Is Cohesive isrepparttar 136350 band's third release and may be their best to date. Lead singer Ed Hale and company continue to draw influences fromrepparttar 136351 classic rock and pop sounds ofrepparttar 136352 60s through 90s while employing modern day studio techniques and production to give their music a sparkle and alternative flair most indie bands strive for, but rarely attain.

Nothing Is Cohesive featuresrepparttar 136353 austere and poignant lyricsrepparttar 136354 band has built their reputation on…literate, thought provoking and oozing passion- no matterrepparttar 136355 subject, they driverepparttar 136356 feeling home on every track. The colorful artwork onrepparttar 136357 CD cover pictures swirling red images, givingrepparttar 136358 introspective listener something to think about before spinningrepparttar 136359 CD. Once you hear tracks like "Somebody Killrepparttar 136360 DJ" and "Bored," you begin to realize howrepparttar 136361 title and image onrepparttar 136362 cover portrayrepparttar 136363 concept ofrepparttar 136364 album. In a world gone mad there is madness, but there is hope.

The band is excited aboutrepparttar 136365 positive pressrepparttar 136366 CD has received upon its pre-release, especially coming offrepparttar 136367 controversially received Sleep With You CD. Critics have been quick to draw comparisons to notable acts like U2, Radiohead, orrepparttar 136368 Beatles, butrepparttar 136369 band, currently holed up at Miami’s Hit Factory Studio, seems intent on focusing its collective energies on recording their follow up due out later this year. Recorded in a garage studio this time out, but sounding very little like a garage band,repparttar 136370 music on Nothing Is Cohesive sounds surprisingly clean, smooth, and analogue,repparttar 136371 general feel and sound seems to celebraterepparttar 136372 band’s love of and joy for making music more than anything else.

Utah Quarter Horse Association Takes Quarter Horse Racing Online

Written by Debbie Labelle

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Utah Quarter Horse Association is running horses where they have never been before, onrepparttar World Wide Web. Starting on April 30th and continuing throughoutrepparttar 136263 race meet in Utah,repparttar 136264 UQHA will be broadcasting all races through their web site. Races will be streamed live overrepparttar 136265 Internet and will also be recorded and made available for viewing afterrepparttar 136266 races have concluded. UQHA’s streaming media broadcast will allow Internet users anywhere inrepparttar 136267 world to see and hearrepparttar 136268 day’s races at anytime using their computer. Owners, sponsors, and race fans new and old will be able to seerepparttar 136269 races as they happen or as many times afterwards as they want. In fact, race attendees who bring their wirelessly enabled laptop computers can take advantage ofrepparttar 136270 free HOTSPOTZZ wireless Internet access provided atrepparttar 136271 Laurel Brown Racetrack to browse torepparttar 136272 UQHA web site and view an “instant replay” of each race as soon as it has finished. It is this kind of forward thinking that is acceleratingrepparttar 136273 growth ofrepparttar 136274 UQHA racing division and raising awareness inrepparttar 136275 community. Through efforts such asrepparttar 136276 streaming media broadcasts, family focused events such as Kids Day and Youth Day, and other advancements such as a newly designed web site andrepparttar 136277 availability of HOTSPOTZZ wireless Internet access at race events,repparttar 136278 UQHA has been able to attract race fans and sponsors alike. “A lot of planning, preparation, and perspiration has gone into creating a great season for race fans this year,” said Billy Peterson, UQHA Director. “We are very excited to see everything come together and are looking forward to seeing smiling faces inrepparttar 136279 crowd at all of this season’s races.” The UQHA Horse Races will be held atrepparttar 136280 Laurel Brown Equestrian Park in South Jordan, located at 10800 South 2200 West. General Admission is $4. Children four and under get in free when accompanied by an adult.

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