Tranquil, Elegant and Haunted!!

Written by Gloria Young

Nestled amongrepparttar East San Jose foothills with only a two-lane road leading torepparttar 122155 park throughrepparttar 122156 mountains,repparttar 122157 Joseph D. Grant County Park can easily be missed. This park boasts a beautiful house coupled with a few other out-buildings renovated to remind visitors ofrepparttar 122158 days of yesteryear. The house has period pieces of furniture, an all wood foyer, hardwood floors inrepparttar 122159 rooms….and residents they never expected. For yearsrepparttar 122160 park rangers never questionedrepparttar 122161 footsteps, door slams, noises and moving things fromrepparttar 122162 corners of their eyes. They merely chalked it up to someone else being inrepparttar 122163 house. When visitors stated that they saw someone or heard something inrepparttar 122164 house,repparttar 122165 park rangers chalked that up to nothing more than imaginations.

The local newspaper contactedrepparttar 122166 park rangers stating they wanted to do an article onrepparttar 122167 house for Halloween. They in turn, contacted our paranormal research group. We made arrangements to all meet atrepparttar 122168 house at a pre-arranged time. It was difficult enough to findrepparttar 122169 park but to do so inrepparttar 122170 dark was even more difficult. You always read about places like this in scary books…the twisting and turning ofrepparttar 122171 small, two-lane road,repparttar 122172 deep darkness ofrepparttar 122173 forest,repparttar 122174 occasional red eyes peering back at you caused by a deer; allrepparttar 122175 qualities for a good horror story.

We made our way up torepparttar 122176 park and then followedrepparttar 122177 path torepparttar 122178 house. It was a gorgeous house; white, two stories. We brought in simple equipment. The reporter was nice enough. The camera gal was nicer yet. She followed us as well as she could, almost as well as a shadow. It wasn’t until approximately 10 p.m. that we began to noticerepparttar 122179 cold. This was a warm summer evening but there was an obvious drop in temperature. As we wandered throughrepparttar 122180 house we noticed that some rooms were definitely very warm and some were very cold. The coldest rooms, we found out later, wererepparttar 122181 rooms that visitors made statements about having activity in and thatrepparttar 122182 park rangers had disregarded their comments.

This beautiful house has a sordid past. The daughter of Joseph D. Grant killed three men and her sister; two ofrepparttar 122183 men onrepparttar 122184 property, one of them somewhere else. She was apparently crazy, had some type of mental illness. As we talked and wandered throughrepparttar 122185 house we came across her room. Her name was Edith. We stayed in Edith’s room for quite awhile. We tried to capture EVP. We caught pictures with orbs but there was more to this room. It was one of those rooms where you could feelrepparttar 122186 excitement inrepparttar 122187 air but you didn’t quite know how to put your finger on what was occurring. As nothing did occur, we began to file out ofrepparttar 122188 room. The reporter was next torepparttar 122189 last leavingrepparttar 122190 room and one of our members was last. She had a video camera and was filming. As she approachedrepparttar 122191 doorway and asrepparttar 122192 reporter began to step throughrepparttar 122193 threshold, our member felt a heavy hand on her left shoulder and stated so. The reporter turned around long enough to find our member being shoved into her, almost knocking them both over. The video camera was still running.

The Universal Connection

Written by Jesse S. Somer

Do you believe in random coincidence? Or, do you think that there is some destiny involved when things magically 'come together'?

I believe in a phenomenon I have been known to call a 'Universal connection'. Yesterday one of these destined occurrences deeply affectedrepparttar mood I was in and took me from feeling pretty low and depressed to feeling a joyous epiphany. Let me tell you about what happened. You see, I don't believe in random, arbitrary coincidences. My understanding is that life is a combined relationship between humanity's freewill, andrepparttar 122154 will of a higher power who I call 'The Great Spirit". I believe in a paradoxical type of destiny that is both preordained by this higher power, but also can be altered by our own decisions that we make every moment of everyday. Opportunities and obstacles are presented and then we are to decide whether or not to take any specific action relating torepparttar 122155 situation.

O.K. So yesterday I wasn't feeling very well; I have a history of depression and anxiety and I perceived a few events that happened to me as being quite negative. Well it just so happens thatrepparttar 122156 day before I had been sent an email from my Tai Chi instructor that had some links that related to depression, as they know of my problem. I looked at one site that was about some new form of neurotechnology where listening to a certain type of C.D. is supposed to send one's mind into a deep state of meditation. I am admittedly skeptical about this sort of thing as of course money is always supposed to exchange hands. The good thing about this particular site is that they offer a free sample C.D. of which I ordered.

Anyhow, I started to peruse overrepparttar 122157 information on this site and I came across some quotes by famous people. One that struck me was by a Rabbi Hillel and as my good friend at work is very interested in Jewish culture and religion, I cut and pasted it into Messenger for him to read. As I was feeling down, I left work early and went home to read some more of a book that I've really been enjoying lately. It's called 'Sacred Journey ofrepparttar 122158 Peaceful Warrior' and is written by Dan Millman. It'srepparttar 122159 sequel to a book I really loved entitled, 'Way ofrepparttar 122160 Peaceful Warrior'. After reading for a chapter or two I came up to Chapter 17: 'Courage ofrepparttar 122161 Outcast'. The chapter began with these words:

If I am not for myself, Who will be for me? And if I am only for myself, What am I? And if not now, when? (Hillel, Sayings ofrepparttar 122162 Fathers)

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