Traits of Intuitive People

Written by Susan Dunn, Coach

From an extensive study of intuitive people done by Belleruth Naparstek and cited in "Your 6th Sense," these arerepparttar traits intuitive people are most likely to have.

1. A woman over 40 with an advanced degree in one ofrepparttar 131060 mental health professions.

2. Says she was born with psychic ability and can point out a parent or grandparent who displayed a lot of it too.

3. Tendency toward bilateral dominance (two-handedness or two sidedness).

4. More than likely an only child.

5. Tendency to be a night owl and sleep very little with frequent interruptions in sleep.

6. Presence of some talent and experience inrepparttar 131061 arts, often in more than one modality (music, dance, art, theater, poetry, design, etc.).

9 Tips to Control Your Paper at Home

Written by Barbara Myers

9 Tips to Control Your Paper at Home

1. To reduce paper piles at home, walk straight fromrepparttar mail box torepparttar 131059 trash can or recycling bin. Dispose ofrepparttar 131060 junk mail. Opening it wastes time. Just pitch it in.

2. Set up a file or basket for each member of your household. Sort mail, school papers to sign, reading materials and even notes to each other.

3. Allow newspapers to remain inrepparttar 131061 house only for a specific number of days. Atrepparttar 131062 end of that period (one to six days), dispose of them, read or not.

4. Tear interesting articles out of magazines to read later. Put them in a "to read" file or basket. Dispose ofrepparttar 131063 bulky magazine.

5. Make a home for any piece of paper that doesn't have one. Avoiding piles means making a decision, NOW, on each piece of paper.

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