Training Your Dog To Sit

Written by Lee Dobbins

A poorly trained dog is a nuisance and can even be a danger to himself and others. A properly trained dog, onrepparttar other had, is a wonderful and pleasant companion. In addition to helping you bond, it can even protect your pet from being hurt if he listens and will come when called.

When training always remember that dogs respond best to positive reinforcement – yelling at your dog and hitting him will not accomplishrepparttar 143129 task, instead use rewards such as treats and your approval – this will makerepparttar 143130 task much more pleasant for both of you!

There is a common “process” to training, no matter what you wantrepparttar 143131 dog to do. They key is to getrepparttar 143132 dog to performrepparttar 143133 action and at that exact moment giverepparttar 143134 command forrepparttar 143135 action, then praiserepparttar 143136 dog and reward him with a treat. After a while, he will catch on and associaterepparttar 143137 action withrepparttar 143138 command.

Here’s some steps you can use to train your dog withrepparttar 143139 most basic command – Sit.

1. The first thing you need to do is to get your puppy or dog to associaterepparttar 143140 act of sitting withrepparttar 143141 command. To do this, simply hang around with your dog and when he sits giverepparttar 143142 “sit” command.

2. Getting down to your dogs level will allow you to present his reward (treats) quicker so grab a handful of bite sized treats and get down onrepparttar 143143 floor.

Training Your Dog To Lay Down On Command

Written by Lee Dobbins

Training your dog to obey commands is an important part of pet ownership . When your dog is properly trained, it is much easier for you to communicate with him and this enhances your relationship. In addition to making him mind you, it may even help save your pet from harm or danger.

Dogs want your praise, so using positive reinforcement when training your dog or puppy isrepparttar best approach. Hitting or yelling rarely works, and besides who wants to hit or yell at their dog anyway?

The “down” or “lay down” command is one ofrepparttar 143128 basic commands and should be one ofrepparttar 143129 first things you teach your dog once he learns to sit on command. It is not hard to train a dog to obey commands and once you have done one command, it gets even easier asrepparttar 143130 process is basicallyrepparttar 143131 same for each. Here’s some steps you can use to teach your dog to lay down on command:

1. Getrepparttar 143132 dog to sit (you should have already trained him in this command)

2. Firmly giverepparttar 143133 “down” command while gently forcing his legs out in front (this will cause him to lay down).

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