Traffic… Sales… and Headachy Emails

Written by Brigitte Synesael

Not sincerepparttar phrase "Go West Young Man!" has there been as much promise of wealth and riches for anyone brave enough to explore this new frontier,repparttar 102124 Internet. With this new wave of technology anyone can open up a virtual store and sell their products and services aroundrepparttar 102125 clock with repparttar 102126 entire world as their potential clientele. The Internet is everyone's dream come true!

There's only one problem. No one told you aboutrepparttar 102127 endless, sleepless nights of designing and redesigning your website,repparttar 102128 volume of hours you'll spend reconfiguring cgi scripts, fixing forms, researching how to get found in search engines, trying everything to generate traffic, and testing, testing, testing.

If your Online business has become a hobby for you, then this can all be an exciting adventure, and a tremendous learning and growth experience. However, many people grasped ontorepparttar 102129 hope of financial freedom with such conviction, that they either left their jobs and/or investedrepparttar 102130 family security in their commitment to their Online Venture.

These people are depending on success, they're learning onrepparttar 102131 fly, and by now it's taking it's toll on many of them. Pressured to succeed, these ambitious hopefuls spend long days and nights atrepparttar 102132 computer, skipping meals and getting no exercise. Typically, this small business is under staffed and working on a "shoe-string" budget. The loss of a key customer can be devastating. Add this torepparttar 102133 frustration of an enormous investment of time and energy with often negligible results, andrepparttar 102134 uncertainty of success and you have yourself a very serious case of STRESS.

Stress, by itself, is not a disease; however those who suffer from stress over extended periods of time can aggravate numerous health conditions such as asthma, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, ulcers, and many more. High stress levels can also berepparttar 102135 root of a weight management problem. Unregulated and poor quality meals combined with a lack of proper exercise is in itself a major contributor to a weight problem. Now, add high levels of business stress and you are looking at a potential for obesity.

How to Focus on Your Internet Business

Written by Brian Moore

If you've been in a home based Internet business even a short time, you've probably discovered that it's not time to give up your day job just yet. You haven't come into those millions you've heard others have so quickly amassed in cyber space.

Of course, you'd love nothing other than to be free of that 9 to 5 leg iron so you can work your business as much as you want. Well, knowing that's not going to happen overnight, it's time to learn how to live in both worlds without going bonkers inrepparttar process.

You know you have only a limited amount of time away from your day job to devote to your business. How are you going to getrepparttar 102123 most fromrepparttar 102124 time available? Here are some pointers I've jotted down from my experience and reading onrepparttar 102125 subject.

Once you've decided to make a go of an online business, finding time each day for working it can be daunting. Let's say you have a fulltime job. If you're like me – and I'd guess most people are or else there wouldn't be an ever increasing number of us out here – you need that fulltime income.

On top of that you no doubt have to slice up your time off to do your share ofrepparttar 102126 child rearing and household chores or upkeep. Child rearing doesn't take place just at home but includes little league, Scouts, school functions, andrepparttar 102127 like. Household chores can be routine activities like cleaningrepparttar 102128 garage, doingrepparttar 102129 dishes, or cleaningrepparttar 102130 garbage disposal. All these are time consuming.

How can you possibly fit anything else into your schedule? Mayberepparttar 102131 best thing is to makerepparttar 102132 most of your time when you wrestle down those precious couple of hours per day onrepparttar 102133 net.

To begin, you'll want to take a hard look at how much time you're spending on your own leisure activities – softball or bowling league, hobbies, and so forth. Decide what you can limit or scrap altogether and come up with a time per day you can afford to work at your online business.

Now it is time to take a look at cutting out some distractions, at least those over which you have some control. It is time to develop a kind of tunnel vision, lessening some ofrepparttar 102134 noise aroundrepparttar 102135 house like television, radio, video games, etc. Decide what you're threshold of distraction is before you can no longer focus on your business. Find a quiet time to work.

With all that accomplished, now develop a daily routine. I start out each day reading my email. I sift through and getrepparttar 102136 important stuff first and take action if any is needed. Then I look atrepparttar 102137 junk email, take notes on any good ad writing I see, and file 13repparttar 102138 rest.

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