Trade Show Marketing - Getting Prepared for the Big Event

Written by Patty Stripes

Withrepparttar increase in number of tradeshows being held acrossrepparttar 145538 world, it has become imperative to checkrepparttar 145539 trade shows' credentials before you commit participation. Here are some quick tips on checks to ensure that you are not heading for a dud trade show:

1. Check previous history and years of experience including backing by any large industrial groups: This isrepparttar 145540 most obvious way to research onrepparttar 145541 event planners. Trade shows backed by large organizations would have greater availability of resources and marketing skills.

2. Demographics of previous trade shows: Didrepparttar 145542 last show done byrepparttar 145543 trade show provider have a decent show of visitors? Isrepparttar 145544 trade show provider boasting aboutrepparttar 145545 numbers on its marketing material or hiding it in some obscure corner forrepparttar 145546 number crunchers? Didrepparttar 145547 trade show provider have a professional organization draw uprepparttar 145548 demographics ofrepparttar 145549 visitors? Dorepparttar 145550 demographics fit your requirement? Answers to these queries should help you decide if you should use this trade show as a sales and marketing vehicle for your company.

3. If there is a conference, who arerepparttar 145551 speakers? You should have at least heard of a few ofrepparttar 145552 speakers or their organizations if they are speaking inrepparttar 145553 conference. A quick check should also be done to see ifrepparttar 145554 speakers also have a booth atrepparttar 145555 tradeshow. Tradeshow booth providers usually give out speaker slots as an added incentive to exhibitors and you might like to avoid such events as they are not very genuine.

4. What isrepparttar 145556 timing ofrepparttar 145557 trade show? Is it just time filler forrepparttar 145558 conference? If this is true, I would suggest that you avoid this trade event likerepparttar 145559 plague. The event planners are just putting inrepparttar 145560 booths as time filler andrepparttar 145561 trade show is not likely to be heavily promoted either. So just don't waste your marketing budget on such as event. You will all notice that such time filler exhibitions usually have very few booths inrepparttar 145562 first place and are located outsiderepparttar 145563 exit area ofrepparttar 145564 conference hall to catchrepparttar 145565 attendees as they dash off towards food and nature's call.

How To Get Celebrities To Endorse YOUR Product

Written by Louis Allport

How would you like celebrities to endorse your product?

Perhaps that sounds crazy. Well, here'srepparttar info...

But before anything else - let me stress that when I say "celebrities", I'm not talking about Tiger Woods or Tom Cruise!

Who I'm talking about is celebrities in YOUR market. People who are very highly thought of and well known inrepparttar 145537 market you're selling to. People who your target market look up to.

Take this real life example:

An online publisher named Alex was just about to launch an information product revealing psychological sales tactics.

However, even though his product was ofrepparttar 145538 very highest quality, Alex was looking for something "extra" that would increase sales ofrepparttar 145539 product even more.

What Alex wanted to achieve is to boost *credibility* inrepparttar 145540 sales message presentingrepparttar 145541 product. So visitors to his site would actually believe what they read, and therefore be a lot more likely to buy.

Now, sincerepparttar 145542 product Alex was selling was revealing sales and marketing tactics, it would of course be purchased by people interested in selling more online.

So who better to give Alex a testimonial than a world famous marketing expert?...

Alex managed to get a testimonial from none other than Joe Sugarman - hugely successful direct marketer and famous for his BluBlocker sun glasses infomercials.

So - how do YOU go about boosting your own sales with testimonials from celebrities?

Well, let me firstly stress that unless you already have a relationship withrepparttar 145543 person (you know each other), there's a strong chance they won't reply to you. They may, or they may not. So be prepared for that.

Sending them an email is quick, but I get 200+ emails a day atrepparttar 145544 moment (spam included), and that's onrepparttar 145545 low end compared torepparttar 145546 number of emails some people I know get.

So email may work if you're looking for a testimonial from a celebrity in your market, but don't hold your breath.

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