Trade Show Exhibit Booth - 7 Tips to Improve Yours

Written by Patty Stripes

Once you have decided to participate in a trade show, half your work is done. The other half starts with exploring ideas on how to getrepparttar maximum out ofrepparttar 144392 event both in terms of brand building as well as sales enquiries. Here are seven easy to follow and cost-free implementation tips which would help you improve your trade show booth.

1. Balanced décor The size of your trade show booth doesn't really matter. The main idea should be that you work towards achieving a balanced look forrepparttar 144393 space. The display material andrepparttar 144394 furniture should be spread evenly instead of concentrating in one section. The entire assigned space should look equal so that visitors findrepparttar 144395 booth attractive enough to visit it.

2. Treat it as a mini camp You are likely to spend most of your waking hours atrepparttar 144396 trade show booth forrepparttar 144397 next couple of days so it is advisable that you spend a few minutes in planning strategic and accessible locations for all items required. This also helps you avoid a mad scramble each time a visitor requests for some literature or a visiting card. For example, keeprepparttar 144398 enquiry form on a handy clipboard just underrepparttar 144399 table, keep visiting cards in your pocket for easy access, keeprepparttar 144400 high quality brochures underrepparttar 144401 table which can be reached without a lot of exercise etc.

3. Right amount of furniture Aim at 'right-ordering'repparttar 144402 furniture. Not so much that your trade show booth looks like a furniture display and not so little that you have no chairs to comfortably seat a tired visitor who might a good potential customer. The furniture should also be a match to your display and avoidrepparttar 144403 heavy sofa if you have limited space as you will always be skirting around it to get anywhere.

Helping Your Prospects Overcome “Buying Fears” By Using Testimonials

Written by Joe Farinaccio

You DO use direct marketing for your small business… right? If so, you’re taking advantage ofrepparttar most cost-effective means of advertising available. (Yes… I’m biased… I admit it!)

Let’s talk for a minute about how you can make your sales copy and direct marketing more effective.

One ofrepparttar 144391 simplest yet most powerful ways to strengthen your sales copy is to include testimonials. The purpose of having testimonials is to add “objective” credibility to your promises. And when used correctly - - testimonials can do just that.

Good Testimonials Will Separate You fromrepparttar 144392 Crowd

I read a great sales letter this morning. It came from a local heating/cooling service contractor in my area. His headline was perfect. His pitch was superb. His “reasons-why” advertising justified both his offer and his price.

His sales letter lacked only one thing…

… “proof” that he can deliver on his promises by demonstrating he has already delivered on his promises to others.

People want to know who they can trust. Testimonials will do that for you. This is even MORE important if you have a business onrepparttar 144393 web.

Buying from an unfamiliar seller onrepparttar 144394 web can be a scary thing. But once you’ve delivered on your promises to a satisfied customerrepparttar 144395 trust factor goes up for them exponentially. Your next sale is much easier to make.

Do What Ebay and Amazon Do in Order to Foster Trust

Both of these monster sellers provide a constant stream of customer feedback and testimonials. The testimonials cover bothrepparttar 144396 sellers as individuals andrepparttar 144397 products themselves. It’s all to satisfyrepparttar 144398 “proof” factor in selling. You’ve got to prove you can deliverrepparttar 144399 goods.

Testimonials provide you with a track record. They makerepparttar 144400 claims in your sales letter or direct mail package down-to-earth and believable.

The Most Effective Testimonials are:

1) Believable. Good testimonials talk about real benefits experienced by real people.

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