Trade Show Events - Do's and Don'ts

Written by Patty Stripes

You can love it or you can hate it but there is no escaping trade shows in a business environment. If you happen to be inrepparttar Sales and Marketing division in an industry where trade shows are a part ofrepparttar 143826 marketing plan, it is more than likely than not that you will be involved in them sooner or later.

Trade shows have been an excellent forum for generating awareness ofrepparttar 143827 products and services of a company as well as generating leads inrepparttar 143828 short run. If you are an entrepreneur or a sales professional entrusted withrepparttar 143829 task of participating in a trade show, you should consider two major points while choosingrepparttar 143830 perfect trade show booth: Location and neighbourhood. The perfect mix of these two criteria is likely to get yourepparttar 143831 maximum bang for your buck.

o Location is everything. Try and get in early inrepparttar 143832 tradeshows which features regularly in your company's calendar to get good exhibit spots. Corner booths with two sides open arerepparttar 143833 ones which are snapped uprepparttar 143834 fastest. Location is probablyrepparttar 143835 most critical aspect to consider in a trade show and it is really a no-brainer when you recall allrepparttar 143836 trade shows which you have been to as a visitor and have skipped most ofrepparttar 143837 booths placed atrepparttar 143838 end of aisle.

Some ofrepparttar 143839 don'ts while choosingrepparttar 143840 location are:

o Don't chooserepparttar 143841 booth next to food outlets or conference hall entrances as none ofrepparttar 143842 people heading in these two directions are usually interested inrepparttar 143843 booths. They are most likely making a bee-line torepparttar 143844 food court to beatrepparttar 143845 lunch crowd or are running late for a conference. It is a sad sight to see visitors rush past your stall headed

o Don't pickrepparttar 143846 booth near equipment areas or loading bays even if you are getting a two-sided open booth. Need I elaborate this? Audio equipment put near your booth is likely to drown your voice most ofrepparttar 143847 times and nearness to loading bays will result in mostly seeing men in overalls rather than 'real' tradeshow visitors.

Why You Should Use Turnkey Websites To Jumpstart Your Ecommerce Activity

Written by Mark Kenny

Most people looking to do business online have heard of turnkey websites. They seem to be a one stop solution to getting an online business going without allrepparttar usual hassles associated with an online startup. Take a look thoughtrepparttar 143799 business & industry section of eBay and you'll see thousands of turnkey sites, sometimes going for hundreds of dollars.

Turnkey sites are ideal way to start or grow your ecommerce activity, below are just a handful of reasons explaining why.

1. Design

Ever tried to design a site yourself. Did it go well? Or wererepparttar 143800 results not as expected. Designing and building a site from scratch can be difficult work if not impossible to finalise your desired look. Turnkey sites already have been designed by full time graphic designers to look professional and more importantly to achieve maximum sales conversions from your end users visitors. Why spend hours trying to get that look right when you can buy an existing proven design ready to go.

2. Functionality

All our sites at Trading-Web-Solutions are tested constantly for days before they are released. Each site needs to be tested in every browser, not just Internet Explorer but Netscape and browsers growing in popularity such as Opera or Firefox. Other things to test on your site include scripts, databases & different screen modes. Willrepparttar 143801 script work with UNIX and windows servers? Doesrepparttar 143802 javascript function in both Netscape and Opera? Even a small fault that occurs when using another system could cost you many visitors and more importantly orders. Testing a site isrepparttar 143803 most time consuming process of getting any online businesses running.

3. Easy to modify

The majority of turnkey sites are very easily to modify, just by opening your control panel or by loadingrepparttar 143804 site into Frontpage. This is necessary, as you should personalise your site with your welcoming text and sales message to makerepparttar 143805 site yours. You don't want your site to be exactlyrepparttar 143806 same as someone else's does you. With allrepparttar 143807 hard work done by someone else, just personalise your site to complete it and make it stand out fromrepparttar 143808 crowd.

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