Tracking Your Ads...A Free Alternative

Written by Laura Kneiss

You donít have to spend money to track your ads effectively. There is a free alternative that I have found to be very successful.

If you are working onrepparttar Internet, but don't have a lot of extra funds available, you can save some money by using a free adtracker instead of paying to download one or even paying a monthly fee like some services require.

One free ad tracking option is The site is actually a safelist that you can subscribe to. Once you subscribe, you have access torepparttar 117239 memberís area. From there, you can click onrepparttar 117240 tracking link and it will allow you to enter two different urls that you want to track.

The great thing about BusinessWorldList is that you donít need to have your own website. If you are a member of an affiliate program, you can enter your affiliate url. It will automatically create a new link for you to use. For example,repparttar 117241 url that I wanted to track was: and it created this tracking link: This isrepparttar 117242 link that I would now use when promoting my site. One problem that I have found, however, is thatrepparttar 117243 tracking link is rather lengthy, so I like to use a service like With tinyurl you simply enterrepparttar 117244 long url and it will create it into something shorter. For example, I entered my businessworldlist tracking link :

Profit From Home After 40 - Do You Qualify?

Written by Michael Roberts

READ this article to see if you have what it takes to launch your very own Profitable Home-Based Business! If you can commit, I can help YOU!

TIME! The most important variable! TIME isrepparttar most precious gift we have available. We commit TIME with our families, spiritual growth, recreation, and oh yes, our JOB too. Please be advised that your job is not yours, it belongs to your employer. Your job can be merged or purged at any time, without your consent. You cannot pass it on to your children. Please, NEVER forget that!

You must prepare NOW for that certain contingency. Even if you are never downsized,repparttar 117238 TIME will come when you can no longer perform your duties in an efficient manner (or someone younger will do it for half your salary). You will either work until you DROP DEAD orrepparttar 117239 government legalizes euthanasia. If you are like most Americans, your retirement planning leaves much to be desired. That is why more than 20 million Americans have started their own home-based, andrepparttar 117240 SBA projects that number to double inrepparttar 117241 next few years!

There was once a saying; ďThe only things in life that are FREE are water and advice.Ē Now they sell bottled water inrepparttar 117242 grocery store and advice costs $125.00+ an hour. Times have changed. You must adjust your life strategies or be consumed withrepparttar 117243 multitudes into desolate oblivion.

The World as we know it is coming to an end! I know this sounds like a doom and gloom scenario, but it is a golden opportunity for those withrepparttar 117244 foresight to position themselves inrepparttar 117245 New Millennia!

TIME must be set aside to researchrepparttar 117246 multitude of opportunities available. Unscrupulous people prey everyday onrepparttar 117247 dreams of people just like you and me. You must be aware, and astute! TIME must be invested to locaterepparttar 117248 companies that exhibit integrity and ethics! RESEARCH is your most powerful tool to prevent becoming a victim.

I have diligently searched for 3 years to identify such companies. I have found a few that exhibitrepparttar 117249 honesty and vision required to deliver long-term residual income. Residual income isrepparttar 117250 answer to improving your financial circumstances!

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