Toyota has Newly Developed Airbags: Safer and Better, Toyota Performance Parts at Its Best at Parts train

Written by Jenny McLane

An air bag that inflates as two bags was developed by Toyota and is safer than standard air bags in crashes. Available on Lexus IS luxury sedansrepparttar twin-chamber air bag decreases damage torepparttar 143948 neck by distributingrepparttar 143949 impact of a collision more evenly not only torepparttar 143950 head but also torepparttar 143951 shoulders.

Inrepparttar 143952 intense global competition among auto manufacturers, Toyota offers more than simple reliability and reasonable pricing to gain an edge over rivals been focusing on services such as a mobile-phone operator link that kicks in when an air bag inflates as well as sophisticated safety features to boost brand image.

Other features Toyota showed were VGRS (Variable Gear Ratio Steering). It controls steering and braking to reduce spinning and skidding when braking and turning on slippery surfaces. It includes anti lock brakes and power steering.

Parts Train Ensures Durability and Performance for the Honda CRV 2005

Written by Jenny McLane

The 2005 Honda CRV has new exterior and interior styling, additional standard safety equipment as well asrepparttar addition of a new Special Edition (SE) model with features such as leather interior and body-color bumpers.

The Special Edition has heated leather seats and door mirrors, and a leather steering wheel and shift knob. Externally,repparttar 143947 CR-V SE also adds body-colored bumpers, side molding, door handles and hard spare tire cover. The exterior ofrepparttar 143948 Honda CR-V has newly designed front grill, cylindrical-shaped headlights and aerodynamic front bumper, side sill and side protector, rear combination lights and rear bumper, new Arch flare with one-piece mudguard. It also has 16" wheels for all trim levels, along with a new EX alloy and LX steel wheel designs.

Interior features forrepparttar 143949 CR-V have also been significantly updated forrepparttar 143950 2005 model year. Onrepparttar 143951 EX trim level, steering mounted audio controls and outside temperature gauge has been added. Also, all models now feature new retractable grab rails and larger seatback pockets.

Added features include integrated keyless remote entry, steering wheel mounted audio controls and outside temperature gauge added to EX trim level , new cam-driven ‘Real Time' 4WD mechanism on all models (replaces hydraulic pump-type system). All models (LX, EX and SE) come with A/C, power windows and locks, cruise control and 16-inch wheels (another new-for-'05 feature) already included. The step-up EX adds an electric sunroof, keyless entry and secondary steering wheel-mounted controls forrepparttar 143952 audio system. Top SE versions add heated leather seats, body-colored bumpers, and a hard plastic spare cover forrepparttar 143953 tailgate-mounted spare.

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