Toyota Recall Lawyer: Toyota Tacoma Recalled 3 Times in 4 Years!

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

As recently as July 15, 2005 Toyota announced a recall in their Tacoma series of trucks. This most recent recall addresses a manufacturing flaw inrepparttar front suspension lower ball joint. Many of these ball joints were scratched during manufacturing, which will cause wear and looseness, making it difficult to steerrepparttar 149604 trucks. In extreme cases,repparttar 149605 lower ball joint may separate fromrepparttar 149606 knuckle, causingrepparttar 149607 Toyota truck or SUV to veer out of control. If a driver loses control of his truck on a road or highway, a crash is almost inevitable. Toyota will pay for dealers to replace these defective joints. This is justrepparttar 149608 most recent in a long line of recalls involving Toyota Tacomas and other Toyota trucks and SUV’s.

In February of 2005, Toyota announced that a recall of at least 22,228 Toyota Tacoma trucks equipped with automatic transmission. The parking brake pedal cable on these vehicles was not secured tightly enough, causing it to loosen and come off. Toyota declares that this defect will “reducerepparttar 149609 effectiveness ofrepparttar 149610 parking brake”, but what they mean is thatrepparttar 149611 parking brake will stop working. Ifrepparttar 149612 transmission is not placed into park or shouldrepparttar 149613 car start to slide down a hill,repparttar 149614 parking brake will be ineffective andrepparttar 149615 vehicle will roll freely downrepparttar 149616 hill. Thoughrepparttar 149617 recall was announced in February, owners cannot do anything until March, when Toyota will allow them to takerepparttar 149618 vehicles in for inspection. If you own a Toyota Tacoma with automatic transmission, remember not to leave your child inrepparttar 149619 back seat whilerepparttar 149620 car is parked, at least until you haverepparttar 149621 parking break checked out.

Ford Recall: Fire in the Hole

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Ford Motor Company claims that it is unclear whether its cruise control switches arerepparttar fault for over 560 reported fires and explosions in Ford vehicles. Many of these fires broke out whenrepparttar 149603 vehicles were parked in family garages, destroying homes and lives. In cases like thisrepparttar 149604 numbers reported are only a fraction of what has actually occurred, but Ford claims to be doing its best to determinerepparttar 149605 cause ofrepparttar 149606 fires and refuses to declarerepparttar 149607 cruise control switch at fault. Here arerepparttar 149608 facts:

More than 16 million Ford vehicles have rolled out ofrepparttar 149609 lots installed with a cruise control switch that is designed not to switch off. This switch remains hot and powered, even whenrepparttar 149610 car is parked. Only a thin metal sheet separatesrepparttar 149611 switch fromrepparttar 149612 brake fluid line, and only a little extra heat can causerepparttar 149613 switch to combust, dripping flaming fluid over allrepparttar 149614 plastic components, resulting in a full-blown hood fire that is very difficult to extinguish. Many owners have reported explosions, both while driving Ford vehicles and after parking them.

In May of 1999, Ford issued a recall on Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, and Town Car models from 1992-1993. A second recall issued in January of 2005 affected 800,000 vehicles including all 2001 F-Series Super Crews and allrepparttar 149615 year 2000 Expeditions, Navigators, and F-150 Pickups. Even these massive recalls have not solvedrepparttar 149616 problem. As recently as this month reports have come in of vehicle fires in models not covered byrepparttar 149617 recall. A 1999 Expedition caught fire in a family garage after 3 Ford dealerships refused to replace its cruise control switch. Federal investigators are now looking at 3.7 million Ford trucks and SUV’s to determinerepparttar 149618 extent ofrepparttar 149619 danger. This Federal investigation only covers a quarter ofrepparttar 149620 vehicles that could be affected.

A Ford document obtained by CNN showed thatrepparttar 149621 same or similar switch was installed in a total of 16 million vehicles, including:

Mark VII/VIII from 1994-1998

Taurus/Sable and Taurus SHO 2.3 L 1993-1995

Econoline 1992-2003

F-Series 1993-2003

Windstar 1994-2003

Explorer without IVD 1995-2003

Explorer Sport/Sport Trac 2002-2003

Expedition 1997-2003

Ranger 1995-2003

The NHTSA says that of over 560 complaints of spontaneous, non-collision fires, 253 involved unrecalled models. Some cruise control switches that combust malfunction beforehand, but many owners did not observe a problem until their trucks exploded inrepparttar 149622 garage and burned down their homes. Becauserepparttar 149623 power flows torepparttar 149624 switch whenrepparttar 149625 vehicle is turned off, many of these fires broke out inrepparttar 149626 middle ofrepparttar 149627 night, hours after anybody touchedrepparttar 149628 Ford trucks.

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