Toxins passed on through generations

Written by Anonymous

TOXIC chemicals that poisoned your grandparents, or even great-grand- parents, may also affect your health, according to American researchers. A study done on rats showedrepparttar effects of certain toxic chemicals that had been passed on through four generations of males.

The finding suggests that toxins may play a role in inherited diseases now blamed on genetic mutations. "It's a new way to think about disease," said Michael Skinner, direc- tor ofrepparttar 147522 Centre for Reproductive Biology at Washington State University in Pullman.

How To Purchase Tanning Beds

Written by Tim Gorman

So, you want a tanning bed. You can purchase tanning beds for home use or for a salon. When you want to purchase tanning beds know what you are looking for. If you are inrepparttar market to purchase tanning beds do some comparison shopping.

There are many tanning beds for sale and when you are ready to purchase tanning beds you should know how much you want to spend and what features you want onrepparttar 147441 beds.

You may be able to purchase tanning beds at a better price when you need more than one.

When you are ready to purchase tanning beds look online and compare prices. There are many sites that will have this information and it will be easier to purchase tanning beds when you know you are gettingrepparttar 147442 best price possible.

What features are you looking for when you are going to purchase tanning beds? What is important to you inrepparttar 147443 way of UVA and UVB rays? These rays vary and when you want to purchase tanning beds this may be an area to look at.

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