Totally Free Money from Online Casinos

Written by Richard Meeuwsen

Totally Free Money, how and where to get it at online casinos!!

Yes, there is such a thing as free money

Regardless ofrepparttar old adage that "There's no such thing as a free lunch", you can easily get $10 and $15 of totally free money at a number of online casinos. These cash deals do not require that you put up any of your money.

How To Get It

Simply go torepparttar 109997 website and downloadrepparttar 109998 totally free software (no costs or fees of any sort) install it and register - (or if you prefer not to download anything, then just userepparttar 109999 flash java casinos with no download needed). The software is easy to find, download, install and run. You do have to provide a credit card - but you do not have to spend a single penny nor incur a single penny of cost.

The free software that you get is not some crummy castoff. The software is top notch professional and fun to use. I see no reason why anyone would ever want to buy casino software when you can get it for free. In fact,repparttar 110000 casino pays you to userepparttar 110001 software.

Of course, if you don't wantrepparttar 110002 real free money, you could just playrepparttar 110003 games in practice mode.

Why They Do This

Hey, quite honestly, they want you to try for it for free and then add some of your own money. They hope you'll like playing so much that you will eventually put in some of your own money to play with.

It's also a no risk way for you to find out if you likerepparttar 110004 place. You get to look around, playrepparttar 110005 games, judgerepparttar 110006 speed, noise, activity and fun level all for free.

Bingo History - The Origins Of Bingo Games

Written by Mark Falco

The origins of bingo, as with most games, is shrouded inrepparttar mists of history. However, we can tracerepparttar 109996 idea back torepparttar 109997 1500's whererepparttar 109998 Italians invented a lottery game to be played 'en masse' rather like Bingo is today. "Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia" wasrepparttar 109999 very first state run lottery which proved to be so popular it is still played today.

Perhaps closer torepparttar 110000 game we know today however isrepparttar 110001 French game of "Le Lotto" which was derived fromrepparttar 110002 Italian counterpart. This game was very popular with French noblemen duringrepparttar 110003 18th century. This game involved a caller drawing out wooden discs number from one to ninety from a bag and calling them outrepparttar 110004 the players. Each player had a game board divided into nine rows and three columns of numbers andrepparttar 110005 winner would berepparttar 110006 person to mark off allrepparttar 110007 numbers in one row.

Later cersions ofrepparttar 110008 Le Lotto appeared in Germany but this time, it was used not for gambling purposes but rather to teach children their times tables. Today, more ofrepparttar 110009 same can be found onrepparttar 110010 children's games market including such things as spelling bingo with, of course, all ofrepparttar 110011 gambling elements removed.

However,repparttar 110012 first example of bingo in its modern form appeared duringrepparttar 110013 late 1920's when a New York toy salesman stumbled upon an addictive fairground game and had a brainwave. Edwin S. Lowe came acrossrepparttar 110014 game of "Beano" at a carnival in Georgia. The players at this game had wooden cards full of numbers and a set of dried beans. Every timerepparttar 110015 caller drew out a number they would cover it up with a bean,repparttar 110016 winner beingrepparttar 110017 one to mark off allrepparttar 110018 numbers in a straight line either diagonally, horizontally or vertically. So popular was this game than Lowe never actually got a chance to play butrepparttar 110019 idea of marketing this torepparttar 110020 mass market was formed right there and then.

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