Top Twelve Music Moneymaking Artists for 2004

Written by CD Duplication Plus

If you would like to put together a mixed CD using some ofrepparttar songs fromrepparttar 124127 top money making artists of 2004, try using CD duplication. I would hope you ownrepparttar 124128 CD’s that you plan to use for CD duplication. Copying them illegally is not recommended.

Startrepparttar 124129 CD duplication mix using a few tunes from Prince’s bestselling Musicology. Prince sold 1.9 million copies of this CD so there should be more than one song you could use. Next onrepparttar 124130 CD duplication mix I would suggest some music from Madonna. She earned more money in 2004 than any other female artist. Although her newest album only sold 650,000 copies, it contains some good tunes.

Metallica has a couple of older albums that have songs you might add to your CD duplication mixed tape. The Black Album and Master of Puppets have songs worth duplicating.

Elton John is a favorite musician and you should consider some of his music forrepparttar 124131 CD duplication project. A good one is Ray Charles’ version of “Sorry Seems to Berepparttar 124132 Hardest Word”.

Guess who sold 1.3 million copies of his first-ever country album in 2004? Jimmy Buffett, and License to Chill has some tracks that would be good forrepparttar 124133 CD duplication mix.

Rod Stewart did quite well in 2004 and wasrepparttar 124134 sixth biggest moneymaker isrepparttar 124135 music field last year. Rod does really well with some of his vintage albums so take a look at one of them and choose some songs for your CD duplication mixed tape.

Creating a Classical Music Mix Collection

Written by CD Duplication Plus

You are ready to start a collection of classical music and composers and want to do some CD copying to back up your collection. CD copying is a good idea when you own a copy ofrepparttar CD and want an extra copy in case of loss or you want to make a mixed CD.

If you are interested in making a mix CD using classical CDs, here are some suggestions.

Using your CD copying equipment start with a mix of old favorites.

1. Bach- Brandenburg Concerto no. 5

2. Beethoven- Piano Concerto no. 5 and Symphonies no. 5 and 9

3. Bizet- Carmen Suites 1 and 2

4. Dvorak- Symphony no. 9 in E minor

5. Gershwin- Rhapsody in Blue

6. Greig- Piano Concerto in A minor

7. Handel- Messiah

8. Haydn- Symphony no. 94 in G major

9. Mendelssohn- Symphony no. 4 in A major

10.Mozart- Piano Concerto no. 2 in C minor

11.Rachmaninoff- Piano Concerto no. 2 in C minor

12.Ravel- Bolero


14.Rodrigo- Concierto de Aranjuez

15.Tchaikovsky- Symphony no. 6

16.Verdi- Requiem

17.Wagner- Flying Dutchman Overture

This would make a good mix of classical music and you can do this easily using your CD copying software.

You may also want to have some background information onrepparttar 124126 composers. If you have CD copying software you will be able to find CDs that have that kind of information and make copies of them.

Dvorak started his musical training playingrepparttar 124127 fiddle with his father. He had a wonderful childhood filled with country music and dance. He was notrepparttar 124128 usual musician because he was mild mannered and didn’t seem to haverepparttar 124129 emotional problems so many other composers faced. Dvorak had six children, raised pigeons and had simple tastes. He came to America in 1892 atrepparttar 124130 age of 51 but only stayed three years. He wrote several symphonies and serenades.

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