Top Ten listing......hmmmmmmm?

Written by Meredith Gossland

This is my question...

I spend a fortune on SEO and now I am #1. If there are 976,840 businesses like mine onrepparttar internet, why is that I am # 1?

Am Irepparttar 141255 only one who cares about being #1? Are 970,000 other business owners stupid? Are they all so poor they can't afford to bid? Am I really #1? Why is it thatrepparttar 141256 next 3 listings just below mine are notrepparttar 141257 sites of my competitors but listing for directories? Is it really possible that I amrepparttar 141258 only one who understands search engine optimization? Or............

Mayberepparttar 141259 the other sites have allrepparttar 141260 business they need, maybe people are finding their sites by specifically typing in their web address because someone told them to check it out. Maybe their web address is bookmarked on their clients computers. Maybe just maybe, their business came first andrepparttar 141261 website followed. Which came firstrepparttar 141262 chicken orrepparttar 141263 egg? The business orrepparttar 141264 web site?

The search engines are charging me for everyone who peeks in my store window whether they purchase or not. I focus my advertising budget on getting internet traffic but in fact most of that traffic does not translate into business. In addition,repparttar 141265 clients I get fromrepparttar 141266 internet show no loyalty at all. Here today.. gone tomorrow.

What isrepparttar 141267 point of becoming # 1? Volume of hits or volume of sales?

It is crucial that those starting internet businesses understand marketing, not just SEO.

I use about 75 different websites on a regular basis, but I have visited about 275,000. Ofrepparttar 141268 75 that I use on a regular basis most are businesses that I used prior to finding their internet address phone company, gas company, bank, stores that I shop at on a regular basis, etc. Many ofrepparttar 141269 other sites I have bookmarked, I use for their free services but have never purchased anything from them. This includes games, internet tools etc. Then there are about 10 sites that I actually found as a result of a search engine and actually purchase from them on a regular basis. 10 sites out of 275,000 + sites that I have seen.

How to Make Better Use of Web Site Page Titles and META Data

Written by Michael Murray, VP of Fathom SEO

We got down torepparttar basics with web site page titles and META data as part of a new study on how manufacturers use natural search engine optimization (SEO). Businesses of all types could benefit fromrepparttar 140867 following case studies that show how poor titles and META data can be improved from an SEO perspective.

Case Studies: Ineffective Optimization

We selected 10 ofrepparttar 140868 web sites (among 350 we studied) that scoredrepparttar 140869 worst in terms of search engine optimization. Here’s a closer look at what they may be doing wrong on their home pages (company names are removed).

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