Top Ten Tips About People Management

Written by Martin Haworth

People management skills are vital for managers - it may sound simple, yet some managers find it so challenging. But there are just a few simple ideas that you can start to incorporate.

To getrepparttar best results you have to be very good at Managing People...and it's not as hard as you might think.

Here arerepparttar 145452 secrets ofrepparttar 145453 very best managers:-

The best at Managing People...

  1. Manage!

    They focus on getting their people to deliverrepparttar 145454 key activities and don't attempt do too much themselves. The best managers delegate widely, usingrepparttar 145455 ethic 'Ask for forgiveness, not for permission' to free their people from blame or wrongdoing.

  2. Buildrepparttar 145456 Best Teams

    Leveragingrepparttar 145457 exceptional talents of allrepparttar 145458 people around them, managers develop and utilise capability fully - and glue it together.

  3. Focus on Delivery

    Managers are there to deliverrepparttar 145459 day to day tactical resultsrepparttar 145460 business or organisation needs. Here, there is little space for strategy or vision as such, but those great at Managing People will keep a reference point there. Every manager's defined goal is measurable results.

  4. Build Relationships

    As it's all about people, great managers build relationships easily and make it a priority, day-in-day out. They spend a lot of time with and listening to, their people.

  5. Accept Feedback

    Actually, they don't just accept it, they suck feedback in - they use their excellent listening skills to seek out feedback allrepparttar 145461 time - in every interaction.

Transfer Huge Files Online Fast And Free

Written by Jim Edwards

If this problem hasn't hit you yet... it will.

Withrepparttar ever-increasing popularity of sharing home-videos, mp3 audios, and other large files online, actually transferring those files to your customers, friends, and family presents a problem.

Most email systems limitrepparttar 145422 size ofrepparttar 145423 files you can send, and often completely restrict some file types, such as .exe, from passing through their email servers.

Most computer geeks say, "Just ftp it to your server and I'll download it fromrepparttar 145424 Web."

Unfortunately, that solution often proves too much of a hassle, and actually rates impossible for those without ftp access to a website andrepparttar 145425 knowledge to use it.

To solve this problem, a new breed of website file transfer service has emerged to helprepparttar 145426 technically or time- challenged masses share their huge files online.

** **

I discovered this website as most people discover new sites, I saw someone else using it.

A friend wanted to send me a 10MB "zip" file while he traveled from San Francisco to Boise.

He couldn't use his ftp program to upload it torepparttar 145427 Web, and his ISP wouldn't let him send such a huge file.

So, he logged on to and completed a 4-step process.

(1) He entered my email address, (2) choserepparttar 145428 file he wanted to send by browsing his hard drive, (3) entered his email and typed in a brief message, and (4) clickedrepparttar 145429 "send" button.

The service uploadedrepparttar 145430 file torepparttar 145431 web and sent me an email message with a link to downloadrepparttar 145432 file from their website.

After I downloadedrepparttar 145433 file, I clicked a link to deleterepparttar 145434 file from their server.

If I didn't bother to click that link,repparttar 145435 server would automatically deleterepparttar 145436 file after 7 days.

A few things make this service unique.

First, it allows you to send files without forcing you to register as a user; it's totally anonymous.

Second, it allows you to send up to a 1 gigabyte file.

This enables you to send virtually anything you can think of to anyone with an email address and Internet connection.

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