Top Ten Steps to Focus on Achieving What You Really Want

Written by Wendy Hearn

1. Write a list of everything you want in all 8 areas of your life. Physical environment, Health, Friends/Family, Work/Business, Partner/Relationship, Fun/Recreation, Personal Development, Finances. When you can clearly see everything you want, your choice of focus is more balanced.

2. List allrepparttar things you don't want to have and then turn them around to identify what you do want. It's often easier to identify what you don't want and this enables you to focus on what you do want.

3. Define your vision, i.e. what you see as possible and then remove from your lists anything that doesn't fit. Your unique vision comes from within you, allowing you to focus on what's really right for you personally.

4. Remove from your lists anything you feel pushed to do either by yourself or others. When you only have things you feel pulled and drawn towards, it's more exciting and easier to achieve.

5. Tell yourselfrepparttar 101965 truth about what you really want. There's often a lot of fear involved in being truthful, even with ourselves. Face up to this fear and by being truthful, you'll have a clearer picture of what you really want.

6. Stop trying to choose what to focus on and step back by taking time for yourself to either read, be with friends, laugh, play, have fun, discover and dream. These activities allow for new possibilities, different perspectives and a freedom to make choices based on clarity, rather than pressure.

Let Your Intuition Guide You to Prioritise

Written by Wendy Hearn

Choosing your priorities varies from person to person. We're all different and our priorities, both personally and professionally, will be individual to us. So often, it's too easy to go off at a tangent and set priorities which we think are important, yet are often someone else's idea. To set priorities that work for us and are easier to follow through, we need to choose our own priorities. To find out what's really best for you, listen to your intuition. In other words, listen to your heart, your inner voice and trust your own instincts. Intuition comes from inside you and is therefore totally in tune with you as a person.

Your intuition will guide you perfectly to choose your priorities - if you listen to it. It's too easy to discount what your intuition says. Using your left-brain,repparttar logical and rational side, is a great way to prioritise your life and it's even more powerful when you combine it with listening to your right brain,repparttar 101964 intuitive part. Your intuition quickly tells you things and if you pay close attention to it, you will make better choices and faster decisions.

Your intuition will show up in thoughts, feelings, images and dreams. You may experience your intuition actually in your body, often referred to as gut instinct, or gut feelings. You will be able to listen to your intuition in any of these ways and for most of us, there is one dominant way in which our intuition shows up. You may already know for yourself how you experience your intuition but if not, pay attention to allrepparttar 101965 different ways.

When you're prioritising your to-do list, a project or other aspects of your life, one way to access your intuition is to ask it a question. Questions such as, "What is a priority for me atrepparttar 101966 moment?" or "What can I let go of forrepparttar 101967 time being?" There are many more questions you can come up with and I suggest you ask yourselfrepparttar 101968 question and then relax, and see what happens. The answer won't always show up immediately but at some point it will. The answer will often come when you least expect it. For instance, when you're in repparttar 101969 shower, drifting off to sleep or waking up, or involved in a completely unrelated task. Remember - after you've askedrepparttar 101970 question, you must be aware of allrepparttar 101971 ways your intuition can respond to you.

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