Top Ten Reasons to get Satellite Radio

Written by Reno Charlton

Overrepparttar years we’ve seen all areas of entertainment change and improve in many ways. We’ve seen more and more channels appear on satellite television, we’ve seenrepparttar 133393 appearance of CDs and DVDs, and now we have access to satellite radio to complement our AM/FM service. Satellite radio is available through two providers, Sirius and XM, both of which offer a range of subscription packages and programming choice.

Satellite radio is becoming more and more popular, both with discerning listeners that want more choice and better quality, and with those that have had to put up with a lot of static inrepparttar 133394 past and are unable to get a clear reception on AM/FM radio. You can get some really affordable deals on satellite radio these days, so enjoying crystal clear, uninterrupted, diverse entertainment has never been easier. You can get satellite radio installation for your car or your home, and by making some comparisons you can enjoy some excellent deals on satellite radio accessories. You will need a satellite radio antenna and a satellite radio receiver in order to enjoy this service, but again you get some excellent deals and offers when you go online.

There are many reasons why satellite radio is becoming more and more popular, and between them Sirius and XM already have around three million subscribers. So, why would you want to get satellite radio and pay a monthly subscription when you can get AM/FM radio for free? You’ll find a selection ofrepparttar 133395 most popular reasons for satellite radio purchase listed below:

Reasons for choosing satellite radio

More choice: satellite radio from Sirius or XM offers an incredible choice of channels. You can enjoy over one hundred channels of pure entertainment from these satellite radio providers, including music, sports, talk radio, news channels, and more. The choice of channels means that you can enjoy a wide range of niche programming as well, so whatever your taste or need you are almost certain to find something well suited to your requirements with satellite radio.

Excellent quality: With satellite radio you can enjoy CD quality in radio format. The digital quality of satellite radio means that you can enjoyrepparttar 133396 vast range of entertainment with crystal clear sound quality. You won’t have to put up with static and fading reception any longer, as is oftenrepparttar 133397 case with AM/FM radio. With satellite radio you can enjoy pure, high definition digital sound to accompanyrepparttar 133398 wide choice of quality entertainment.

Commercial-free channels: Unlike AM/FM radio, satellite radio offers some commercial-free channels, so you no longer have to put up with constant interruptions to your favourite music or show. With satellite radio, you can enjoy back to back entertainment without commercials and chat to interruptrepparttar 133399 flow and entertainment value.

Wider accessibility: Many of us take radio accessibility for granted, but not everyone can gain proper access to AM/FM radio. For example, those living in more rural areas may simply end up hearing static most ofrepparttar 133400 time. Since satellite radio is available all overrepparttar 133401 Continental United States, this means that even those in normally hard to reach areas can enjoy satellite entertainment and clear, defined, digital sound.

Choice of subscriptions: There are currently two main players inrepparttar 133402 satellite radio field, and these are Sirius and XM. With both of these satellite radio providers you can enjoy a wide choice of subscription packages, so whatever your budget you should be able to findrepparttar 133403 perfect deal enabling you to enjoy high definition digital radio at an affordable price. You can enjoy paying on a monthly, annual, two yearly, three yearly, four yearly, or five yearly basis with XM. And with Sirius you can pay on a monthly basis, annually, two yearly or you can even buy a lifetime subscription.

Multi location listening: With satellite radio you can listen to your favourite music and shows in more than one location, which means that you can quickly switchrepparttar 133404 satellite service from your car stereo to your home entertainment system. You will still pay just one satellite radio subscription fee – all you will need to do is buy a portable satellite receiver.

Easier entertainment access: With satellite radio you no longer have to worry about downloading songs and carrying around a whole stack of CDs in order to enjoy some entertainment when you are traveling – or even when you are at home. With so many channels and so much quality entertainment to choose from you will never be short of something to listen to and enjoy. Plus, you will still have access to your AM/FM radio service, so you won’t have to make any sacrifices in order to enjoyrepparttar 133405 high definition entertainment provided by satellite radio.

Satellite Radio & Shock Jocks: Shock Jocks: Howard Stern – Bad Boy of the Airwaves

Written by Reno Charlton

The term “Shock Jock” has become well known sincerepparttar 1980s. These bad boys ofrepparttar 133392 airwaves have happily stomped on and disregardedrepparttar 133393 FCC regulations torepparttar 133394 delight - and at times, disgust of their audiences. The rule of thumb inrepparttar 133395 “Shock Jock” entertainment form is,repparttar 133396 more disturbing, shocking, and politically incorrectrepparttar 133397 show -repparttar 133398 better.

Howard Stern, one ofrepparttar 133399 highest paid radio personalities in broadcast history isrepparttar 133400 one who is responsible forrepparttar 133401 phrase “Shock Jock” Howard Stern has proclaimed himself “King ofrepparttar 133402 Media” With his great success he pioneered what is known as “Shock Jock” radio programs. It is commonly believed that Howard Stern’s exploitation of women, sex and his discrimination of certain ethnic groups is one ofrepparttar 133403 main ingredients for his success. Howard Stern isrepparttar 133404 most fined personality in radio and actually encouragesrepparttar 133405 fines and touts these FCC fines as if they were medals of Honor. The Howard Stern radio show wasrepparttar 133406 beginning of a revolution in radio.

The Ingredients of Shock Jock Success

What is it about this type of radio program that brings so much success to these bad boys ofrepparttar 133407 airwaves? The total shock value of their programs is one ofrepparttar 133408 main ingredients to their success. For example, on one of Howard Stern’s radio shows, he convinced a female caller to have phone sex with him onrepparttar 133409 air. He made deep buzzing noises into his microphone, and had her sit on a speaker withrepparttar 133410 volume turned up until she reached an on-the-air orgasm. Another notorios example occurred on DC101 Radio in Washington D.C. in which Stern called Air Florida Airlines and asked whatrepparttar 133411 fare was for a one-way ticket from National Airport torepparttar 133412 14th Street Bridge. He was making light ofrepparttar 133413 crash of an Air Florida flight into Washington D.C.'s 14th Street Bridge one day earlier, on January 13, 1982. That June 29, Stern was fired from DC-101 radio after being suspended for criticizing his station management and two other radio stations.

The number of commercials aired during his radio show has greatly increased fromrepparttar 133414 1980s torepparttar 133415 present. Though Howard Stern has brought much critisism to this form of entertainment, he still seems to be able to draw hords of listeners. Despiterepparttar 133416 provocative content of Stern's show—or perhaps because of it—many listeners and critics consider Stern to be a talented on-air personality and formidable interviewer.

The FCC andrepparttar 133417 Broadcast Industry Cracksdown

Howard Stern’s fame has brought out a number of imitation "shock jocks" who try to top Stern in terms of offensiveness and rudeness, but these imitators have found themselves with more troubles to worry about than listener ratings. In 2002 fellow Infinity Broadcasting Corporation jocks Opie and Anthony had their nationally syndicated WNEW-FM "extreme talk" show cancelled after they managed to get a couple to engage in sexual intercourse at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, then airing a running commentary ofrepparttar 133418 act on their show.

Though Stern’s show is generally considered not to be as offensive as Opie and Anthony, on February 25, 2004, Clear Channel Communications "indefinitely suspended" him from six markets because of alleged indecency. The broadcasted show that brough so much retribution, featured Rick Salomon, whose sole claim to fame isrepparttar 133419 release of video showing him having sex with Paris Hilton.

During this show Stern held a sexually-oriented interview with Soloman, asking him graphic questions about anal sex. This came only a day after Clear Channel fired Bubbarepparttar 133420 Love Sponge for nearlyrepparttar 133421 same reason.

This is considered to be part of a crackdown triggered byrepparttar 133422 Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy. Because Clear Channel and some of its executives have donated over $200,000 torepparttar 133423 Republican Party, Stern claimsrepparttar 133424 company was trying to penalize him for his ruthless criticisms of President George W. Bush. He endorsed John Kerry inrepparttar 133425 2004 U.S. presidential campaign, and encouraged listeners to vote for him.

On April 8, 2004, Clear Channel Communications announced it would "permanently terminate" its relationship withrepparttar 133426 shock jock after being fined $500,000 byrepparttar 133427 FCC. However, on July 19, Stern returned to four ofrepparttar 133428 six markets Clear Channel taken him off of, and added five new ones to his list — this time on Infinity-owned stations. In August, he returned to a fifth market, Miami, on an independent station. His return was greeted with controversy asrepparttar 133429 Miami Dolphins threatened to terminate their broadcast deal withrepparttar 133430 station if they did not fire him.

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