Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Personal Coach

Written by Kim Olver

Have you considered hiring a personal coach? Jack Canfield, in The Success Principles says hiring a "personal coach is one ofrepparttar best-kept secrets ofrepparttar 137832 successful." 1. A coach can help you clarify your vision and goals. If you have a sense that what you are doing isnítrepparttar 137833 thing you really want for your life but you donít have a clear vision of what you do want, then a coach can help you get clear. 2. A coach can support you through your difficult times. Sometimes, we just need someone to talk to who isnít too busy, too distracted or too involved to just objectively support us when times are tough. If you feel you just need someone to talk to who understands and doesnít judge you, then a coach can help. 3. A coach can help you develop momentum. How many times have you started something, felt good about it but then lost interest, never to return to it again? A coach can help you sustain that momentum and keep you focused onrepparttar 137834 prize. This is similar to hiring a personal trainer to help you sustainrepparttar 137835 momentum of exercising when you feel like doing something else. 4. A coach can help you stay on track and be focused. Have you ever letrepparttar 137836 little, unimportant things take control of your day and byrepparttar 137837 timerepparttar 137838 day ends, you realize you havenít accomplished anything you were hoping to accomplish? A coach can help you stay focused onrepparttar 137839 important things while learning to delegate or dumprepparttar 137840 unimportant things. 5. A coach can help you take an objective look at exactly what you have been doing. A good coach will ask you to take a close, and sometimes painful, look at what you say you want as compared torepparttar 137841 things you are actually doing. Do you see a match? If you continue to do thingsrepparttar 137842 way you are, will you get torepparttar 137843 place you are hoping to get to? Coaches askrepparttar 137844 hard questions. 6. A coach may help you identify both effective and destructive behavior patterns that you may not see. Sincerepparttar 137845 coach isnít standing inrepparttar 137846 forest, he can typically seerepparttar 137847 trees that you donít. How often do we continuerepparttar 137848 same destructive patterns over and over again just because we canít identify them? A coach will help you see this more clearly. 7. A coach will hold you accountable forrepparttar 137849 goals you set. A coach is not a babysitter. When you decide you want to get going and accomplish some things in your life, a coach will not accept your excuses for why it wasnít done. Making a public declaration of your intent will also provide you withrepparttar 137850 needed incentive to keep your commitments.

Think About It

Written by Daniel Nzenwata

Human urge forrepparttar best things in life is a desire that is common among people. We desire to build a house, to own a car, to have a fat bank balance etc. Our desires are a never ending story. There are several ways through which these desires can be met, however, there is but one sure way to acquiring them, this way does not leave us in doubt. And it is open to those who haverepparttar 137650 privilege of possessingrepparttar 137651 attitude of thanksgiving.

The Creator of all things has a clear statement of his promises to us ,ĒHeaven and Earth will pass away, but my word will never go unfulfilledĒ and one ofrepparttar 137652 conditions under which we may benefit by these unchanging promise is to continually acknowledge and express our thanks to Him for those riches that He has bestowed upon us, those gifts that may look or appear inconsequential or trivial to us atrepparttar 137653 time of receiving them simply because they are not ofrepparttar 137654 nature ofrepparttar 137655 riches that we had asked for from Him at that point of our need.

It is very impressive to recognize that such riches that He has bestowed on us at that point in time arerepparttar 137656 most needed by us forrepparttar 137657 attainment of our major purposes in life, riches that would act asrepparttar 137658 stepping stone to other riches that we so much desire. It is also less impressive to observe that most of us are not conscious ofrepparttar 137659 presence of these riches in our lives after we have received them.

They constitute an inventory of riches that cannot be bought inrepparttar 137660 open market because they are not for sale. Riches should not only be represented in our thoughts byrepparttar 137661 bank balances and material things in our possession. We should also have in mindrepparttar 137662 riches of Sound Physical Health, Protection, The Capacity for Faith, Harmony in Home Relationships and The Hope of Achievements etc.

These riches are fromrepparttar 137663 Creator of all things and are distributed to us by Him not because we are qualified to receive them, but because of His Amazing Grace which qualifies us to enjoyrepparttar 137664 full benefit of having Him as an Almighty Father.

The attitude of thanksgiving is natural in itís development. It is one attribute whose possession illuminates every page ofrepparttar 137665 human life.And It serves asrepparttar 137666 highest form of our expression of desire torepparttar 137667 Creator of all things. It is one that we should ascribe great importance to because it helps us to think, move and live in an atmosphere of affirmative terms ofrepparttar 137668 riches mentioned above and it guides us unerringly torepparttar 137669 attainment of such riches. It is a real motivation.

The psalmist once said, ďI will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heartĒ. At this point in time he was aware ofrepparttar 137670 fact that his expression of thanks torepparttar 137671 Creator of all things forrepparttar 137672 riches already bestowed on him would serve asrepparttar 137673 starting point of his coming in contact withrepparttar 137674 other riches that he would find inrepparttar 137675 Creatorís court. Riches that abound so much.

Thanksgiving, should therefore be a responsibility we owerepparttar 137676 Creator in return forrepparttar 137677 riches that he has given to us, taking into considerationrepparttar 137678 fact thatrepparttar 137679 fulfillment of this act is an assured reliance onrepparttar 137680 Creatorís Mercies and Grace, which gives our faithrepparttar 137681 wings to fly and soar so high, aiming forrepparttar 137682 miracle that is our desire. A miracle only Him would make possible.

Most of us need to develop this blessed attitude, there is no mystery behind it. The growth is one that leads us to a true path of enhancement, a path through whichrepparttar 137683 riches that has been bestowed upon us byrepparttar 137684 Creator of all things can be embellished and multiplied.

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