Top Ten Reasons To Let Go

Written by Monique Rider

The Top 10 Reasons To Let Go

We tend to control or try to hold on to so many issues, people, and situations in our life. Many times we have absolutely no true control over these things orrepparttar outcome of situations. Below are ten reasons why we should let go.

1. You will be much lighter A tremendous weight will be lifted when you stop controlling.

2. You will be able to admit your flaws By letting go, you will learn that you cannot do, and be responsible for, everything. You aren't perfect - surprise!!

3. There may be someone else who can handle it better By giving up your responsibility forrepparttar 102064 person, feeling, issue, etc. - you are encouragingrepparttar 102065 universe to search forrepparttar 102066 right person forrepparttar 102067 job. There may be someone who is much better equipped to deal with it!!

4. Lower your stress level Control takes so much effort. Why put yourself throughrepparttar 102068 stress?

5. Release negative emotions When you let go of an issue, a lot of negative emotions go with it: anger, resentment, fear......

Top Ten Reasons To Have A Balanced Life

Written by Monique Rider

The Top 10 Reasons to Have a Balanced Life

1. Balance is discipline. Balance encourages us to look at all areas of our life. Discipline comes when we consistently reflect on those areas and makerepparttar proper adjustments.

2. Balance prevents obsession. At times we may focus too heavily on one area that needs attention. Then other areas suffer because we're obsessing. If we strive for balance by looking atrepparttar 102063 big picture - it's harder to obsess.

3. Balance creates internal harmony. When our life is balanced, we feel in sync withrepparttar 102064 Universe. It's a satisfied feeling and a sense of "letting go."

4. Balance offers a sense of accomplishment. When we are in harmony and life is flowing easily, we feel good about ourselves, know that we've done well and accomplished something wonderful.

5. Balance puts us at peace. When we are balanced, we feel at peace with ourselves and withrepparttar 102065 Universe. There is a calming, euphoric effect to being balanced.

6. Balance creates a connection. When all areas of our life are strong and steady, there is a connection. We are able to give and receive, be happy and make others happy, exchange energy.

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