Top Ten Quiz: Is Book Coaching For You?

Written by Judy Cullins

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Top Ten Quiz: Is Book Coaching For You? Judy Cullins ©2004 All Rights Reserved.

Athletes get top dollars because they use coaches. So can you who want to write a book to getrepparttar good word out to help others, to illustrate you arerepparttar 108381 savvy expert in your field, and to create ongoing monthly income that boosts your speaking or coaching business.

Number 1-10 on a separate piece of paper. On a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being high rate each ofrepparttar 108382 following statements:

Not applicable 5

Don't agree 1 2 3

Somewhat agree or 5 for not applicable 4 5 6 7 8

Totally agree 9 10

Score 1 to 10 on each point below. Then add them up to see if you are ready for Bookcoaching.

__1. I will learnrepparttar 108383 latest from a book coach professional on self-publishing that frees me from assuming it's too much time or money.

Whats the deal with Ebooks?

Written by Jack Robbins

Whatísrepparttar deal with ebooks?

What is an ebook? For those who donít know, its basically an electronic book. It can contain text, graphics/pictures and web links. Therefore it is quite a dynamic book. Browsingrepparttar 108380 internet you can will find many ebooks inrepparttar 108381 self-help, self-motivation and advice category. Another category is business manualís, many of these offer marketing tips or promotional material. A third area would be educational, such as reference, research and textbooks. Then you haverepparttar 108382 fiction market, Websites like Barnes and noble have abandoned their ebook stores for lack of sales and profit. Perhaps their focus was wrong orrepparttar 108383 public are not ready forrepparttar 108384 digital novel. The problem with books we read for fun is people still like to hold a book rather than an electronic gadget. Something to read while taking a bath. itís a matter ofrepparttar 108385 publics perspective. With messy issue of digital rights many ebooks are copy protected, unlike its paper cousin you cant just lend it out to your circle of friends. Though some sites have abandonedrepparttar 108386 ebook at present, there are still sites that stock ebooks like , a typical price would be $2.50(£1.36) Another good site is, they have an extensive rage of ebooks by establish authors. A n extensive (over 10,000) source of free ebooks can be found at project Gutenberg ( ). Find a list of more ebook stores atrepparttar 108387 end ofrepparttar 108388 article. Ebooks come in a few different formats Microsoft reader and mobipocket are two common formats you can use to read on your pc or PDA/pocket pc. There are other formats like Adobe ebook, some are specific to a device. Visit for a list of different formats.

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