Top Ten Myths of Aircraft Ownership

Written by Pat Redmond

1. Onlyrepparttar rich can afford one. . .

Not so! Many aircraft owners are earning moderate incomes. How do they do it? Mostly through proper planning and a thorough education prior to making their purchase. You can learn about many aspects of purchasing an airplane at

a website that's nothing more than a compilation of helpful resources for those who want to learn!

2. You must fly at least 50 hours a year before an aircraft purchase is justifiable.

Well, it really depends on what you're using as a reference. If you're trying to beatrepparttar 116302 cost of renting. . . find another way. If you have some business use, rental use or a need to access an airplane on demand your own aircraft is certainly justifiable. Read more at opics/business_overview.html

3. If my business use is notrepparttar 116303 majority of my flying, I can't depreciate my airplane.

Wrong once again! Usingrepparttar 116304 Sutherland Lumber case as precedent, you may be able to depreciaterepparttar 116305 majority ofrepparttar 116306 value of your aircraft with as little as 27% business. Using Aviation Tax Specialists is critical when planning tax strategies for ownership of your aircraft. You can learn more at

4. It's cheaper to own an older aircraft than a brand new one.

Probably not! With today's tax incentives, better interest rates for new airplanes andrepparttar 116307 controlled maintenance costs that a warranty provides, in most cases a brand new aircraft is less expensive. Additionally, your flying comfort level withrepparttar 116308 dependable instruments and equipment of a new airplane will confirm your decision to buy new.

5. Aircraft Salespeople are all "slime."

My favorite! Sometimesrepparttar 116309 reputation of a few can tarnish an entire industry! Not to worry. . . There are some great salespeople out there who have your interest as their main objective. For 10 tips to choosing a super salesperson, visit op_ten.htm

6. I found a "cream puff" with a low-time engine!

Think that low-time engine is a good thing? Think again! The best thing you can do for an airplane is FLY IT! Don't be fooled by this myth. . . It'll cost you!

When You Sing, Do You Breathe Virtually?

Written by A K Whitehead

When You Sing, Do You Breathe Virtually? by A K Whitehead

Whatever kind of voice we have, using it to its full potential depends very much on whether we breathe efficiently. Singing is one of those things which virtually all of us do. But do we do it virtually or properly?

Well, that's being rather hard. Butrepparttar point is that, if we want to sing in some kind of serious way, there are certain principles which can be ignored only to our own detriment. That'srepparttar 116301 case whether we prefer to sing pop or classically. The principles involved used to be mostly associated withrepparttar 116302 latter. But now more and more people are realising that they can be applied with good effect to any kind of singing.

For example, do you have confidence when you open your mouth? Can you sing phrases which are as long as you would wish? Or do you have to looserepparttar 116303 sense of what you are singing because of pauses for more breath? Do you have control overrepparttar 116304 pitch and volume of your voice? Or do you sing in ways you did not intend?

All these aspects can be improved on by developing a few techniques for good singing i.e. for singing better than you currently sing. Certainly,repparttar 116305 best idea will probably be to get a good singing teacher. But it is possible to make some prior progress. But essential to that progress is breathing - breathing effectively and not, as most of us tend to do, breathing inefficiently.

Andrepparttar 116306 technique of breathing effectively is really quite simple. But it will need working at. First of all, however, always be sure that you:

1. Care For Your Voice Your voice is, in fact, comes from quite a delicate system of sound pproduction. The system can be damaged, sometime irreprerably. So always take care not to push it too far and try to do things which it has not been educated to do.

2.Practice Ever heard that practice makes perfect? Well, it does. Good singing does not just come. It takes practice. Of course, no one would sing something for a public audience without having sung throughrepparttar 116307 song at least a few times in private.

But is that whererepparttar 116308 practice should start? Withrepparttar 116309 song itself? No, it should start a good deal before that. For example, one cannot sing without breathing - and that needs to be practised.

But practicng once a day is far better than once a week - much more than seven times better! That applies to virtually anything, but certainly to this. Your lungs need to develop and gain in doing what you want them to do.

However, breathing is not just a matter of sucking inrepparttar 116310 air. So:

3. Breathe To Fill The Lungs In a very short time, developing a good breathing technique will show how inefficient your beathing used to be.

Breathing is much more than opening one's mouth and taking a lung-full of air. In fact, just opening your mouth and trying to take a lung-full will most likely not produce a lung-full. Most of us take breath in such a way that we try to fillrepparttar 116311 lungs from top downwards. That's just inefficient. The result is that often we do not speak or sing for as long as we wanted or, even worse, for as long as we thought we could. Even worse than that, sometimes, we actually have air left inrepparttar 116312 lungs which we do not use because we do not know how to use it.

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