Top Search Engine Optimization - Part One

Written by Niall Roche

Anybody who has their own website or is involved in business online understandsrepparttar importance of SEO or search engine optimization. Higher rankings equal more traffic. More traffic equals more potential sales. Simple, eh? Or is it?

The problem here is that most people think search engine optimization is like magic and that only search engine "gurus" have allrepparttar 144088 answers.

Forunately, for you, this is far from true. In fact search engine optimization is relatively easy. What stops most people from ranking well inrepparttar 144089 search engines is misinformation andrepparttar 144090 promise of quick fixes. Every week there's a new tool or ebook that promises to solve all your search engine woes. There are no quick fixes folks. Accept that as a truth and move forward.

What follows inrepparttar 144091 next three articles is a 10 step program for improving your online presence and search engine rankings. Enjoy!


Keywords should berepparttar 144092 first step in your search engine optimization campaign. People put keywords or phrases into search engines looking for information. The search engines then check their index for pages that contain these keywords. Unless your pages contain keywords relevant to your business or service then do not expect search engines to rank you well. It's that simple.

For example if you have a website about dating then you'll find it very difficult to rank well forrepparttar 144093 keyword "dating" because so many other sites are competing for it. However if you were to target a specific area like gay and lesbian dating then you're dealing with a smaller, more targetted market. You could even regionalize it by targetting gay and lesbian dating in Toronto. See where we're going with this?

So what keywords tools are available to you? Describing each of them goes beyondrepparttar 144094 scope of this article so please refer to our site for more information on this topic.


Make this your motto - Provide Useful Content. DO NOT provide keyword stuffed, spammy, automatically generated pages. Write something useful for your visitors based on keywords which are relevant to your business or service.

Ask yourself one question - do you want your website to last? Yes? Great then provide content that's actually useful to your visitors. Not only should you providerepparttar 144095 initial content but keep adding content to your site. A page a week, a page a month it doesn't matter. Give your visitors a reason to come back to your website.

Top Search Engine Optimization Tips - Part Two

Written by Niall Roche

Welcome torepparttar second part of our series of articles on search engine optimization. Inrepparttar 144087 previous article we discussed keywords, domain names, content and keyword density issues. This article moves past that torepparttar 144088 nitty gritty of improving your web pages and website for better search engine rankings.

Page Title
It's truly amazing how many people don't realize how criticalrepparttar 144089 TITLE tag can be torepparttar 144090 success or failure of your website. Your TITLE tag needs to have your most important keyword for that page included in it. This is forrepparttar 144091 benefit ofrepparttar 144092 search engines.

From a visitors point of view it also needs to entice them to click on your title tag when they see it inrepparttar 144093 search engine results. If your page is about PDA Accessories don't just use that phrase inrepparttar 144094 TITLE tag.

Dress it up a bit. For example "PDA Accessories For The Busy Geek" or "Need Accessories for Your PDA? Come right in!" Those examples took me 10 seconds to come up with. You can do far better with a little more time and effort.

META Keyword Tag
Anybody still usingrepparttar 144095 Meta Keyword tag as their sole search engine optimization method please leaverepparttar 144096 room. Go on get out and don't come back.

The Meta Keyword tag is all but dead torepparttar 144097 search engines. When building your pages it's still worth including but simply put inrepparttar 144098 top 3 or 4 keywords that are relevant to your business and leave it at that. Do not spend hours coming up with hundreds of keywords to stuff intorepparttar 144099 Meta Keyword tag. It's a total waste of time and anybody who tells you different has no idea what they're talking about.

META Description Tag
This still has some limited value for your SEO work. When Google or other search engines display search results they displayrepparttar 144100 contents ofrepparttar 144101 TITLE tag and your Meta Description tag (if present) or a random selection of text fromrepparttar 144102 page. Your Meta Description tag will take priority if present.

The Meta Description tag is still worth using. Your most important keyword should be in there and again you need to work this keyword into an eye catching phrase or sentence. Don't just copy and pasterepparttar 144103 main keyword in there.

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