Top Questions Series - How to deepen your sexual experience?

Written by Elisha Goldstein

Top Questions of our Time Series: Sex

Slam bam thank you Ma’am or Mr.? That’s some people’s method and it works for those who mutually agree they want a quick fix. But for most people this is notrepparttar method of choice. So, why is it that this is so prevalent? The reason for this could be that American culture is simply not accepting of sexuality in general and that is why sexuality leeks into what many consider to be ‘shadow’ areas, such as pornography, strip clubs, and prostitution. Carl Jung, one ofrepparttar 141884 founding fathers of psychology, would definitely label sexuality asrepparttar 141885 shadow side of our culture. For most people who watch or visit these areas, it’s not something they discuss with their acquaintances or even their family and friends. In fact,repparttar 141886 actual act of having sex with a person is not discussed too openly in our culture. Alfred Kinsey was one ofrepparttar 141887 first and most famous people to openly discuss this cultural issue in public. Sure, sex is flashed in our faces on TV shows, movies, and advertisements, but few people actually openly discussrepparttar 141888 act of having sex with another person.

For whatever reason that is, this is an article that is going to discuss one ofrepparttar 141889 top questions of our time: What is a great way to have sex, even for those who are inhibited. I am going to explain a term, I am certain I am notrepparttar 141890 first to use it, or explain concepts like it, however, I have not seenrepparttar 141891 term before. That term is Mindful Sex. Mindful sex involves slightly slowing down in every aspect ofrepparttar 141892 act of sex, from creatingrepparttar 141893 setting, torepparttar 141894 foreplay, torepparttar 141895 actual act of sex, whatever you consider that to be. The following isrepparttar 141896 gist of it:


This part is not necessary ifrepparttar 141897 act of sex is spontaneous in any given moment. If it is not spontaneous, sometimes it is a good idea to setrepparttar 141898 setting. When creatingrepparttar 141899 setting, whether you are lighting candles, putting on music, or preparing special lingerie, moving slightly slower than you usually would. As you move slower begin to pay attention to your senses. If you are lighting candles, notice what you are lighting it with, is it a match, a lighter? Notice whatrepparttar 141900 flame looks like, how it moves, doesrepparttar 141901 candle have a smell, if so, take a moment to inhale it. If you are setting up special lingerie, take a moment to feelrepparttar 141902 lingerie. Is it made of silk? How doesrepparttar 141903 silk feel? Are you spraying perfume/cologne on it? Take an extra moment to inhale that. You getrepparttar 141904 idea, with anything you are doing, move slightly slower and take a moment to pay attention to what you are seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and tasting. You do not need to think about any of this, just notice your sensations. If you notice you are thinking about something, notice that and then simply bring your attention back to what you are sensing. By moving slightly slower you haverepparttar 141905 opportunity to do this and in return makerepparttar 141906 process more meaningful and enjoyable.

Foreplay and Sex:

Some people consider foreplay to be sex, some consider intercourse to be sex. So I am putting them together because these ideas apply to both of them. There are many aspects to foreplay and sex and different people will have different variations on what they like. The tragedy of it all is that most people, having not felt free to discuss sex in public and they have only relied on whatrepparttar 141907 media has influenced them to think about how sex should be. While they’ve had sex, they have never freely explored it on their own. Some people like to start out with oils and massage, some people like to start out with kissing all overrepparttar 141908 body, while others are into more fetish areas such as acting out a fantasy of being ruled over by a dominant figure of some kind (e.g., dominatrix). As far as fetish goes, this goes as far as our imagination can take us.

Sunny Days Are Here To Stay

Written by Sonny Julius

Yes, this is correct. Sunny Days are here to stay, that is, if you want them to be. What's that mean? Well, let me explain it this way.

How do you feel when it's a "sunny day" outside? When you first awake andrepparttar sun is shining in your window doesn't that perk you up a bit?

Now I realize there are days when you are not feeling well, maybe there's been a serious problem you are facing or there are any number of things that nay not be pleasant in your life. But overall with all those things happening to you doesn't a "sunny day" help you to feel at least somewhat better about life? Don't you feel much better then when it's a cloudy and rainy day outside?

I started using this phrase "have a sunny day" many years ago in my greeting to people. It's even atrepparttar 141865 end of my voice mail message. I'll never forgetrepparttar 141866 day when I was a salesmen and received a call on my voice mail from one of my customers to call him. When I finally called him backrepparttar 141867 first thing he said to me was, "Sonny are you crazy it's not a "sunny day" here it's pouring down rain outside". I said , "I know it is but you missed my point, you can have a "sunny day anytime you want because a "sunny day" starts inrepparttar 141868 mind". "Oh, he said, I never thought of it that way" Many times overrepparttar 141869 years that voice mail message always gets comments.

One of my favorite motivational speakers, Jim Rohn, says you have got to decide on what your philosophy is about your life. You've got to decide what excites you about life. You've got to take responsibility for what happens in your life. You shouldn't just "fit in" to someone else's plan, design one of your own. He says you have to live a disciplined life and stay disciplined so you can get what you want. He goes on to say, It's true, we suffer one of two things. Eitherrepparttar 141870 pain of discipline orrepparttar 141871 pain of regret. You've got to choose discipline versus regret because discipline weighs ounces and regret weighs tons.

I believe that makes things rather clear in my mind. How about you? Whatever you want in your life you must discipline yourself enough to get it no matter what it takes. Now of course that means without harm to another person. Now to add to this, Robert Stuberg, of Success .com says "your thoughts control your life, your life is not controlled by random events, UNLESS you want them to be". " You are NOT a victim of others actions UNLESS you THINK you are" He goes on to say, "if you don't like something in your life, you haverepparttar 141872 POWER to change it" .... if you desire something in your life, it's in your POWER to change it" Then he emphasizes, "Change Your Thoughts And You Will Change Your Life"

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