Top Five Ways to Earn Extra Money Online at Home for Free

Written by Gerardas Norkus

Here's a fact: everybody wants to earn extra money. We all have bills to pay, families to feed, andrepparttar list goes on and on...

Discover several legitimate ways to earn extra money online for free using your computer at home.

You probably wonder how much extra income you can make? Well, it depends on how much time and energy you are going to put in.

Here are five legitimate online opportunities for everybody to earn extra cash fast:

1. Get paid to read email

This is probably one ofrepparttar 139985 oldest online income opportunity. In order to get started all you need is your own e-mail address. If you have an Internet access at home, you probably already have an e-mail address too? Otherwise, you can open your own email account and receive your personal e-mail address for free at: or

Actually, be prepared to use your e-mail address with any ofrepparttar 139986 extra income opportunities that I have listed in this article.

How 'get paid to read email' programs work? Simply, online advertisers pay commissions torepparttar 139987 paid email companies for sending their advertisements via e-mail to members who want to get paid for reading emails. When you receive a paid e-mail, in order to receive your cash you should click onrepparttar 139988 link and visit an advertiser's web site.

How much you can earn? Not much. The paid email companies pay from $0.01 up to $1.00 per e-mail that you read. Usuallyrepparttar 139989 more they pay,repparttar 139990 higher is their payout minimum. It means that you can request your payment only after you have earned a certain amount of money.

It really wouldn't be worth your time if paid e-mail companies didn't have referral or affiliate programs. As an affiliate you can refer new members to their programs and get paid a percentage of what your referrals earn.

Note that if you want to make serious money you'll need to recruit at least several hundred referrals. Not to worry though - there are some free ways to accomplish that, as you will soon discover. Besides, visitor to sign up conversion ratios are very high, since get paid to read programs are totally free to join!

It is very important to select only legitimate paid email companies. Here's a short list of proven 'get paid to read e-mail' companies:

i) WowEarnings - ii) InboxDollars - iii) E-mailPaysU -

2. Get paid to take surveys

When you join paid survey programs, online merchants pay you for your opinions on their products and services. The problem is that in order to access top paid survey companies you have to pay an access fee.

Here are some top-notch web sites that offer huge databases of paid survey programs:

i) Survey Scout - ii) Paid For Free - iii) Survey Platinum -

3. Get paid to complete offers

Atrepparttar 139991 moment, this is one ofrepparttar 139992 most lucrative ways to earn extra money online working from home. Again, online merchants pay commissions to visitors... but not for opinions, not for their ads delivered via e-mail, but for trying their products and services. The offers include credit card applications, ISP services, membership clubs, free trials and samples, etc.

You can earn up to $70 extra money just for a single offer completed. Usually,repparttar 139993 more extra cash you earn per offer,repparttar 139994 more you have to pay per S&H or trial membership. However, if you really need a product or service that is offered, this is a great opportunity to accept it onrepparttar 139995 Internet, simply using your computer at home. Plus, you get paid extra cash for accepting terrific deals!

What is Mystery Shopper?

Written by Joseph Then

There has been a pretty unknown job that brings money and freedom to many people. Well, it doesn't bring financial independent but it does free a person's time and earnrepparttar same amount of money as if they are working full-time.

Introducing: Mystery Shopper

What exactly is a "Mystery Shopper" or "Secret Shopper"?

A "Mystery Shopper" or "Secret Shopper " is someone who is hired by an establishment to pose as a customer and secretly report back torepparttar 139984 owner howrepparttar 139985 service was, or other details that are requested. The person is then paid forrepparttar 139986 assignment and sometimes gets reimbursed for their purchase, meal or other things.

Establishments include but are not limited to: Department stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Gap and Radio Shack. Restaurants such as Taco Bell, Jack-In-The-Box, McDonald's and Olive Garden. Fun parks such as Six Flags and Disney World, and Carnival Cruise Ship lines are looking for Mystery Shoppers like you.

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