Top Five Reasons to Cultivate Your Creativity

Written by Lael Johnson

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Cultivating your creativity is more than spending time with a hobby or performing and displaying your work. Cultivating your creativity takes time, awareness and deliberate action.† Creativity like any other skill, needs to be nurtured and affirmed, as well as directed, in order to expand throughout your life. Creativity crosses all barriers,cultures,even when styles differ and philosophies change. Creativity never changes.† Itís time to put away those past negative influences, including no more starving artist scenarios.† Letís explore what creativity really is.

REASON ONE:† Creativity is born in movement, be it physical, intellectual, enmotional or spiritual or any combination thereof. When you perceive change going on in your life , some part ofrepparttar creative process is onrepparttar 143243 move.

REASON TWO: Training yourself to create art regularly contributes significantly to making an idea work by exploring, expanding, building,† performing or sharing it.

REASON THREE The creative process takes time. However, it can be structured and directed. You can finish your creative projects on or before your deadline.

You are the master of your destiny

Written by C.Krishnan

Every thought of a human being is transformed as picture in everybody's mind.

The picture transformed into your mind will be depending upon your thought. If your thought is about success,repparttar picture transformed into your mind, will be as if you are getting success.

If your thought is failure, thenrepparttar 143121 picture transformed into your mind will be as if you are getting failure.

Never think or doubt, when you begin with something that it will end in failure. If you think so, then that thought or doubt will be transformed as a 'failure' picture in your mind and your sub-conscious mind will direct your action according to that 'failure picture', which naturally your action will end in failure.

Onrepparttar 143122 other hand, if you think onrepparttar 143123 other side,repparttar 143124 thing will end in success, your thought will be transformed intorepparttar 143125 picture of success, and automatically your subconscious mind will directrepparttar 143126 result to end in success. It isrepparttar 143127 secret of nature.

Because you can yield only what you plant.

Planting of paddy yield only paddy and not wheat.

Planting of success in your mind only yield success and not failure.

Thoughts, picture, and action all have close interaction with each other. They cannot differ and distract at anytime.

For example, if you want to have your own house, think deeply about your dream house as if you have purchased a beautiful house.

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