Top 7 tips for reducing spam

Written by Patrick Silva

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Top 7 tips for reducing spam.

Spam, also known as unsolicited emails isrepparttar 109523 scurge ofrepparttar 109524 Internet. Like annoying phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell you something while you are having dinner, spam is irretating, frustrating and takes up a lot of your valuable time.

Spammers use special software called Email Harvesting Robots to scourrepparttar 109525 Internet 24/7, 365 days a year to find and gather email addresses.

These Robots look forrepparttar 109526 '@' symbol which isrepparttar 109527 symbol used in all email addresses. Then they extract your email address, without your knowledge or permission and add it to their email address data base.

If you post your email address on your web site, your e-zine, forums, chat rooms or anywhere onrepparttar 109528 Internet, you are laying yourself wide open to email harvesting robots and spammers.

Some unscrupulous scum send viruses through spam email that can mess up or distroy your computer. Some ofrepparttar 109529 viruses thatrepparttar 109530 spammers email you hide inside your system files, replicate themselves and mail themselves to everyone in your address book.

Spam is becoming such a huge problem thatrepparttar 109531 US Government is passing legislation to regulate unsolicited emails. Howeverrepparttar 109532 US Government has no control over spam that originates in other countries.

Therefore, spam is a scurge that governments might not be able to control.

But we, as individuals can protect ourselves by doing whatever we can to reducerepparttar 109533 amount of spam we receive. Here are seven tips that will help you reduce spam.

1) NEVER EVER respond or reply to a spam email no matter how tempting, curious or annoyingrepparttar 109534 message is. Keep your cool. If you do reply,repparttar 109535 spammer will know that your email address is an active one. Do not open any attachments. Just deleterepparttar 109536 spam.

2) Never click onrepparttar 109537 'unsubscribe' link in a spam email. If you do, againrepparttar 109538 spammer will know that your email address is active. He will sell your email address to other spammers. The spam you receive will double or tripple.

3) Protect your primary email address. This isrepparttar 109539 one that you get from your Internet Service Provider (ISP.) Do not give out your primary email address to anyone unless you trust them. If you want to subscribe to a newsleter with your primary email address, make sure that you read repparttar 109540 terms of use and their privacy policy.

How to Use Email and SMS Marketing from the same Database and get superior results.

Written by Rick Rakauskas

Do you ask forrepparttar email address of everyone you meet? And their permission to send them your stuff on a regular basis?

If you haven't ingrained this habit yet you are missing out on heaps of $$$!

And spam issues aside, email marketing is still a killer application. Teamed up with SMS, it is very hard to beat forrepparttar 109519 price.

Let's see how really switched on businesses use both to make a motzah.

The original email/SMS system was created around 5 years ago to servicerepparttar 109520 dance party market in Southern California. Then, ravers had to stay one step ahead of authorities, so party notifications were very time sensitive, often being just a couple of hours before start time.

Email and SMS was used fromrepparttar 109521 one database.

Fast forward to now, and is to my knowledge stillrepparttar 109522 only bundled email/sms provider that can construct campaigns using a common (web based) database.

Here are some applications to getrepparttar 109523 juices flowing.


Say you operate a restaurant. You have been diligently collecting names and contact details for your VIP Club.

Tonight looks like it's going to be a bit slow. It's 3:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon. You go torepparttar 109524 computer and create an SMS message "Special VIP deal, tonight only, book by 6:00 or miss out - every booking gets a free bottle of wine worth $20. Go on, give her a surprise."

You create a list of 50 VIP's and sendrepparttar 109525 message out. As long as their mobile phone is on, they will getrepparttar 109526 note within 30 seconds ofrepparttar 109527 send. It will be delivered, becauserepparttar 109528 network guarantees delivery.

By 5:00 you are booked out. Cost?

5 minutes of your time, $6.75 for 50 SMS messages, plusrepparttar 109529 wholesale cost of each bottle of wine.


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