Top 7 psychological triggers for unlimited sales

Written by Carl Cholette

Top 7 psychological triggers for unlimited sales

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Did you know that there are specific psychological triggers you can use to influencerepparttar decisions of peoples and persuade them to buy what you are selling?

By knowing and using these psychological triggers you will have an edge on your competitions and make more sales inrepparttar 108045 process.

Here are 7 psychological triggers you can start using in your sales letter today!

Psychological trigger #1: BE SPECIFIC

It's important to be as specific as possible. Why! Because it make your information more believable and credible. For example: Don't say that you are in your late twenties, say that you are 28 years old or 29. Be specific! Don't be vague!

Psychological trigger #2: CURIOSITY

We are all curious! It's human nature! So, we need to used this trigger to attract more peoples to see or read what we have to offer them. For example: "What isrepparttar 108046 best way to attract loyal customers?" Are you not curious to find out whatrepparttar 108047 answer is!

Psychological trigger #3: REASON WHY

Show your prospects, subscribers or customers why they should listen to you. Why they should buy what you are offering them. Is it because of your "no questions ask garantee" or "your expertise of 20 years onrepparttar 108048 subject". Tell them, they want to know why!

Psychological trigger #4: SCARCITY

It's kind of funny. We are more driven byrepparttar 108049 thought of loosing something then byrepparttar 108050 thought of gaining something. That's why deadlines, limited opportunities, limited production numbers, etc. will work well. For example: " Buy before 12:00 am today and receive a free trip to Mexico...only 2 left...Hurry!

10 Surefire Ways to Add Sizzle to Your Brochures

Written by Shannon Cherry, APR

Businesses rely on brochures as their front line in communicating their products or services. Yet according to Shannon Cherry, APR, many find them not as successful because they underestimaterepparttar skills and resources necessary to publish attractive and effective materials.

"Most people forget a brochure is important because it represents you torepparttar 108044 world and reflects your image," says Cherry, president of Cherry Communications, a public relations and marketing firm that helps businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations be heard.

"Butrepparttar 108045 best brochures do more than impress," she says. "Effective copy and design can intrigue, inform, convince and capture customer business just as an effective salesperson does. Brochure effectiveness is linked to an audience-appropriate marketing strategy that drivesrepparttar 108046 design process."

Cherry sharesrepparttar 108047 following top ten list of hints can help your brochure put its best foot forward:

1.Keep headlines short. According to studies, headlines with fewer than ten words get more readership. 2.Focus your headline on your target audience. Show a picture of your target group and make surerepparttar 108048 headline hasrepparttar 108049 groups description in it. For example: If you are targeting moms, uses a headline like, "Moms Know Best."

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