Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis

Written by Philippa Gamse

Understanding your Website's traffic logs is a crucial component of your online marketing mix. It tells you what your visitors do, of their own volition, so it's "market research that cannot lie!"

If you understand what you're seeing, you can make some great strategic and marketing decisions, not only for your Website, but for your business as a whole.

Here are seven key marketing elements to study in your traffic analysis:

1. General Statistics

Remember that a "hit" is recorded every timerepparttar visitor gets an image or some text from your site -- what you need to know is unique user sessions, and how much time people spend onrepparttar 133630 site -- how "sticky" and engaging it is. If you have tons of traffic, butrepparttar 133631 average time spent on your site is less than a minute -- you've got a problem!

2. Most and Least Requested Pages

So what's really hot, and what's not on your site? The most popular pages give you great clues as to what to offer more of. The least viewed pages may tell you that some of your content isn't as fascinating as you think, or this maybe a heads-up that your navigation isn't driving traffic as effectively as it should.

3. Top Entry and Exit Pages

These are great reminders that not all your visitors come through your home page, so you need complete navigation on every entry point to your site. And if people are leaving from pages that you don't want them to, perhaps you need stronger calls to action in those areas.

A Perspective On Your Site Traffic

Written by Dale Armin Miller

While reading an ebook, I ran acrossrepparttar phrase, "...27,390 visitors a month. Not impossible, but a lofty goal. Let's say, though, that you only want [a much smaller number]."

It reminded me that one of my sites is getting a million unique accesses per month.

"Well, whoopie for you."

I just wanted to tell you one of my methods for accomplishing that, in case it helps you.

"It's all from your affiliate program."

No it isn't.

"Some of it's from your affiliate program."

Well, of course. But everything I keep doing to bring in traffic brings in traffic.

"Now I get it: You're PERFECT."

Oh, no. I don't think that way at all -- I've been married.

What I said was everything I *keep* doing brings in some traffic. Most ofrepparttar 133629 stuff I *try* doing to bring in more traffic ... doesn't!

"How do you know?"

I track everything I can figure out how to track.

That isrepparttar 133630 only question -- *not* how much time that takes: I can't afford to waste time on things that aren't working. I don't have time enough NOT to track.

"And when something you try doesn't attract visitors, then you admit failure and give up."

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