Top 7 Brick 'n Mortar Newsletter Rules

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

1) YOU'RE IN IT FOR THE MONEY. Keep your newsletter aligned with your business. Always work products intorepparttar articles and information discreetly, but distinctly. Don't push it torepparttar 124396 point of useless sales-packed information. Remember that most of your subscribers are with you forrepparttar 124397 information, notrepparttar 124398 product.

2) KEEP YOUR ARTICLES FOCUSED onrepparttar 124399 readers' interests andrepparttar 124400 information you give them useful. People are interested in finding information that will be useful, profitable, or interesting to read. Stay focused and flexible, meaning don't try to serve up everything to everybody.

3) BE INFORMAL AND RELAXED. Although newsletters often tend to reflect a more serious tone of their area of commerce, your newsletter should still have warmth, life andrepparttar 124401 feel of a human voice. A newsletter is like a personal voice in a community. A good newsletter gets a following, but a great newsletter builds a family. Because of this fact, subscribers are more likely to go with your product than a company outside their family of contacts.

4) WRITE TO EXPRESS NOT TO IMPRESS. Don't use technical terms relating to your business or any other. You may understand and use them everyday, but depend on fact that some of your readers will not. Use easy to understand words. Explain what technical terms you must cite. Always strive to communicate clearly.

5) VARY THE CONTENT NOT THE FORMAT. Use such things as a column or some other idea that invitesrepparttar 124402 readers' comments or ideas. Whether it is offering different types of articles or offering new and different information, you must changerepparttar 124403 content of your newsletter to maintainrepparttar 124404 interest ofrepparttar 124405 reader. However, changing content does not mean changing format. Don't get intorepparttar 124406 habit of changingrepparttar 124407 format of your newsletter. Create and Maintain format guidelines. Readers get accustomed to seeingrepparttar 124408 newsletter in a certain format. Changing this format will too often confuse and annoy your readers.

7 Reasons Why You Should be Publishing an Ezine

Written by Merle

Ezines: They're everywhere you look, and for very good reasons. They are an excellent online marketing tool. If you have a website and aren't publishing your own newsletter, I'm going to give you seven very good reasons why you should start.

1) Establishes Trust: When people visit your website, they have no idea who you are. As far as they're concerned you might be some evil person lying in wait, just trying to get your hands on their credit card number so you can run uprepparttar national debt. The media is partially to blame for this unfounded fear, but you need to be aware it exists and get those visitors to trust you in order to turn them into paying customers. Publishing an ezine helps to establish you as a reputable business dealer and over time, inspires trust.

2) Brings Visitors Back: Statistics show a customer needs to see your advertising message six or seven times before making a purchase. But how do you get a casual browser to come back? When someone signs up for your ezine,repparttar 124395 mailing itself will serve as a reminder to to revisit again and again, eventually turning your subscribers into paying customers.

3) Establishes You as an Expert; Builds Brand Loyalty: Just because you're in business onrepparttar 124396 web, does that really mean you know what you're talking about? By publishing a newsletter and writing your own articles, subscribers will come to see you as an expert in your field. This andrepparttar 124397 familiarity they feel from reading your newsletter will reinforce brand loyalty to your site, turning many of your current subscribers into future customers.

4)Keeps Current & Potential Customers Up to Date on New Products & Services: We all add on to our current list of products and services on a regular basis. Pricing may change, we may add new sections of interest to our websites, etc. Your publications allow you to share this important information with current and potential customers keeping them up to date and possibly bringing them back for a new sale. Nothing is worse then having a client tell you he went to one of your competitors because he didn't know you offered that same service or product.

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