Top 6 ways to promote your web hosting business Part 1

Written by Ispas Marin

Promoting a new company inrepparttar crowded industry of web hosting today is really hard. There are many tactics that work well and are legitimate, and you can use them to promote your company using them.

I will write these 6 ways to promote your web hosting business in two parts, three methods in this article andrepparttar 149110 following three inrepparttar 149111 second part. All 6 methods can be used for any kind of business, not only for a web hosting company. Here there are:

1.Referral Program The referral program system is one ofrepparttar 149112 best ways to get new customers. You can setuprepparttar 149113 system to make your current customers refer new customers. The customers have a special tracking id that they can give to other people they want to refer. This way, when an existing customer's id has been usedrepparttar 149114 customers receives a commission. Also, you should referrepparttar 149115 customer an account where he can checkrepparttar 149116 statistics of his campaign. It's better to sign uprepparttar 149117 customer torepparttar 149118 referral program so they can start referring people to your site right away. Forrepparttar 149119 management and tracking mentioned above you can use some ready made soft wares that you can find onrepparttar 149120 web.

2.Word of Mouth That's just aboutrepparttar 149121 same asrepparttar 149122 referral program,repparttar 149123 difference consists in not payingrepparttar 149124 commission torepparttar 149125 customer that refers new customers. This is a very good way to promote your web hosting service. To make one of your customers refer other customers you should be providing a very good service to make that customer happy. So, make sure you keeprepparttar 149126 existing customers happy because a happy customer base means more business is coming your way. You can ask your customers if they are happy and ifrepparttar 149127 answer is positive you can ask them to submit a testimonial or to review your company.

How to Build Massive Keyword Lists - Part 1

Written by Rob Taylor

As keyword marketing becomes more and more expensive and competitive, it has become essential when building your lists to focus onrepparttar maximum number of phrases and their variations that a surfer might enter intorepparttar 149072 search engines.


Because according to Amit Singhal, principal scientist at Google, a guy who really should know what he's talking about, over 50% ofrepparttar 149073 200 million searches performed a day have never been searched before. He also said: "When performing a search most surfers give a 2-4 word query".

So here are my top 18 recommended ways to build massive keyword lists:

1. Visit your competitor's web pages and look inrepparttar 149074 title and meta tags.

2. Search for brand names in Google's Sandbox. This will return additional keywords that searchers entered when usingrepparttar 149075 brand name. You can also enter regular keyword phrases and get related keyword phrases that have been searched on Google. Link:

3. Look over your past customer testimonials, and see if there are any keywords you can use. This strategy lets you get inside your customer's mind to produce more market centric keywords.

4. Consider synonyms. A synonym is a word havingrepparttar 149076 same or nearlyrepparttar 149077 same meaning as another word or other words inrepparttar 149078 language. Enter your keywords into Roget's Theasaurus for a list of related synonyms. Also visit LexFN. Links: &

5. Think of singular and plurals keywords.

6. What about verbs? Example: Ride, rode, ridden, ridding, rides.

7. Use hyphenation and variations. Example: off-shore, offshore, off shore.

8. Consider domain names. Many people enter domain names intorepparttar 149079 search engines rather than their browser address bar. Example: In June 2005 was searched 843,256 times on

9. Get books on your subject and userepparttar 149080 terms inrepparttar 149081 index and glossaries to grow your keyword lists.

10. Download a free copy of Weblog Expert Lite. Then ask your web host how to download your raw stats files. Run them throughrepparttar 149082 software and you will then discover every possible keyword combination that surfers have used to find your website. Link:

11. Use Wordtracker. What does Wordtracker do? "... helps you find all keyword combinations that bear any relation to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered." Wordtracker is an essential tool to use. Link:

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