Top 5 Weight Loss Strategies From A Top Level Personal Trainer

Written by Joey Atlas

Everybody wants to lose weight. Even if itís only that last five pounds. Joey Atlas gives you five proven weight loss tactics that go beyondrepparttar "eat low fat and walk for one hour each day" mantra ofrepparttar 140484 mainstream.

You are ready to shed those energy draining, body crippling, unattractive extra pounds and you are ready to make it permanent this time. You are onrepparttar 140485 right track because you've takenrepparttar 140486 most important step toward your goal. That step isrepparttar 140487 decision to take action and stay committed. The following five proven strategies will serve as essential elements in your quest to achieve your weight loss goal.

1) You must put yourself intorepparttar 140488 right mindset. Don't think of your new efforts at weight loss as trying to do certain things every day. See your self living a new lifestyle, a new lifestyle that naturally includes behavior conducive to positive changes in your health and fitness levels. You transition into this new lifestyle by making adjustments to your daily habits until these habits are in alignment withrepparttar 140489 goals you are aiming for.

2) Find an exercise partner. It can be a friend, a co-worker, or a family member. Why is this important? An exercise partner is a tremendous source of support. A partner is crucial on those days when you really don't feel up to exercising. Unless you are sick, a good partner won't let you slack and likewise your partner will need you to pull them up when they are not up forrepparttar 140490 workout. You being needed is an indirect but important type of support. With an exercise partner comesrepparttar 140491 element of accountability, which subconsciously reinforces your commitment to your quest.

3) Have a baby or get a puppy. These two strategies work inrepparttar 140492 same manner. I write about this one from first/second hand experience. My wife, Jeri-Jo, gave birth to our daughter, Darah, nine months ago. Today, she weighs less than she weighed before she got pregnant. What isrepparttar 140493 mechanism here? Jeri-Jo claims, "With Darah to care for, my mind is focused on her and her needs. Don't get me wrong, I'm not at risk for malnutrition, but I don't eat out of boredom any more simply because there is always something to do. The day flies by and I don't have time to snack on foods that cause weight gain."

Eating Habits and Disorders

Written by Mark

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating gives us good strength for daily work and new energy flows inrepparttar body. Healthy eating means thatrepparttar 140483 eating pyramid containsrepparttar 140484 balance of all nutrition in it which is essential forrepparttar 140485 body. Variety of food is important for a healthy diet because single food never fulfillrepparttar 140486 quality of a healthy diet.

A healthy diet isrepparttar 140487 combination of fruits, dairy, protein and vegetable. There is no problem forrepparttar 140488 person who is able to eat non vegetarian food to gain a healthy diet. Variety of food is more important when a person prefers vegetarian food. Because vegetarian sometimes do not get enough protein and other vitamins like zinc and iron which is mostly found inrepparttar 140489 meat. Healthy diet for women includes more calcium and iron compare torepparttar 140490 healthy diet for man.

Eating Disorder

Eating disorder meansrepparttar 140491 extreme expression of food by man and woman. The Eating disorder meansrepparttar 140492 behavior and attitude related to eating. Eating disorder includes compulsive overeating and anorexia nervosa.

Symptoms of Compulsive Overeating:

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